Issue by Issue – Rom #56

Rom #56Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Mark Bright
Inker – Mel Candido
Colours – Ben Sean
Letters – Janice Chiang

Rom and Starshine take their leave from the atrocity at the hospital and head to Canada where another small town is infested by Wraiths and their sorcery. It is a bittersweet arrival as Starshine remembers what happened to her friends and family, she being from a small town similar to this very one. Those feelings are soon buried though and the cold killer that Starshine has become returns, much to Rom’s dismay. There are other people interested in the goings-on in this small town as well, a group that goes by the name of Alpha Flight and together with Rom and Starshine, they will attempt to drive the evil out no matter the cost. One thing about this title that you can say is that Bill Mantlo does not always populate it with the most famous of guest stars, though the X-Men do fit into that category. There has been the Torpedo, the Soviet Super Soldiers, and Doctor Strange just to name a few and now Alpha Flight, one of the greatest teams to ever appear in any Marvel book is a part of the war against the Dire Wraiths. The Dire Wraiths are up to no good and poisoning the populace and the lake in conjunction with the coal mine runoff, and is something that they of course would do. Rom and Starshine know this though Alpha Flight does not, but soon they all meet up and the action begins as things start to take a turn for the worse. Rom is ever the hero here and it is good to see him like his old self, battling evil without a second thought. It is a little sad to see him pine for Brandy. She has been through a lot, not even counting the transformation she made from human to Spaceknight. Even though Rom knows what she is going through, it does not make it any easier and hopefully Starshine can find a measure of peace as time passes though it may take the elimination of the Wraiths in the entire galaxy for that to happen. Next issue should be quite fantastic as the action is only starting and with Alpha Flight on board, or at least most of them, it should make the story extra-special.

4 out of 5

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