Big Brother: Vanessa’s Just Desserts

When we left off on Thursday night, the power was up for grabs as the new HoH competition was underway, and we join the house guests tonight right where we left off. Everyone is fighting hard to win this competition because no one is safe. James and his team really hurt the Sixth Sense last week by sending Clay home, and in doing so, he’s made himself a big target for Shelli. She’s out for revenge. It’s unclear who the rest of the Sixth Sense are after, but I can imagine they’ll be after James too. Liz/Julia are now worried that now that the golden couple have been split up, they’re the biggest duo in the house. Honestly though, it doesn’t seem so far like they’re on anyone’s radar. As of right now, everyone is just afraid of someone else winning. Steve doesn’t want Becky to win because they haven’t made a connection, and therefore, he thinks he’ll be her target.

And John? Well, John sees himself as a big target for Vanessa because of something that went down before the last eviction. John goes to talk to Clay and tells him that he’ll vote him out, but it won’t be good for his game because he thinks that Vanessa is in Shelli’s head, and Vanessa has been at the helm of most of this summer’s evictions. Clay goes straight to Vanessa and tells her that James had said these things to John. So of course, Vanessa goes straight to James and confronts him about all of this. James denies saying anything against Vanessa because, well, he didn’t. So Vanessa takes things to John as James confronts Clay about lying about him. It’s like the angriest game of Telephone ever. We’ve seen Clay get angry a couple of times (when he and Da’Vonne argued, when Clay went off on James for nominating him and Shelli), but this time he really goes after James, getting right in his face as they argue about what went down. Then Vanessa joins the fray and goes after Clay too, getting all emotional as she accuses Clay of lying about James. John admits he was the one who had fears about Vanessa, but she doesn’t believe him for a second. Apparently, it’s impossible for him to have thoughts, and someone else HAD to have put that thought into his head. Clay doesn’t make it any easier for himself or the others, acting all sarcastic and childish throughout the whole argument.

Finally, they realize that the whole thing was a misunderstanding, but the damage has been done. Vanessa is way too emotional (“she’s teared up and freaked out six times so far this summer!” exclaims Johnny Mac). She’s had a hand in just about every single eviction since Jeff, and she can’t be trusted. Everyone sees right through her now. Finally.

Anyway, after a long, long challenge, with many wipe outs, especially by Austin and Liz, Becky pulls ahead and wins not only the HoH title, but also $5000 and the title of Never Not. She’ll never be a have not again this summer! Personally, I think they made it way too easy to win all three prizes. All they had to do was fill the bowl to the top, then fish out all three balls inside and take them, one by one, to the board at the other end of their track and drop them into the slot for the corresponding prize. There was no decision making required this year, unlike in previous years.

Anyway, there are mixed reactions to Becky’s win. John couldn’t be happier. He and Becky are really close in the game, so he knows he’ll be safe. Shelli, on the other hand, is nervous. Becky’s played with the alliance before, but she’s also played with the other side of the house. She’s not sure where Becky’s loyalty lies.

But she doesn’t only have the game on her mind. She can’t stop thinking about Clay, and every time she thinks about him, she starts crying again. Meg comforts her, but inside, she’s rolling her eyes. It’s so annoying, watching Shelli bawl like a baby constantly. I agree, Meg. She’s being a little ridiculous. Shelli is worried that the real world will change Clay’s feelings for her. They won’t see each other until after the game is over, and who knows what could happen by then? But then, in the next breath, Shelli is talking to Liz/Julia about going to New York for Christmas with Clay, because he’s never been. It’s really expensive though, so they’ll have to stay with Meg. Oh, I’m sure he could stay with Meg. Pretty sure you’ll be left out on the street though, Shelli.

Despite the fact that Vanessa insists that Becky is not a strategist, Becky has a plan. She tells Meg, James and Jackie that she’s going to nominate Steve and Shelli, but then they’ll backdoor their real target, Vanessa. Everyone is on board. Becky tells them all to keep things super quiet because if Vanessa smells the blood in the water, she’ll go straight for it and fight all the harder to stay. They can’t even mention her name Again, everyone else is on board. And then, Becky breaks her own rule: she tells Shelli the plan. Again, I really don’t understand why she feels like she owes Shelli anything. Even though everyone is now blaming Vanessa for everything, does she not see that Shelli was in on all the plans too? Sometimes I just want to shake this girl.

Anyway, Shelli isn’t too happy that her friend is going to be the target, but hey, as long as it’s not her, right? Since there’s nothing she can do for Vanessa, she agrees to the plan. Now I’m waiting for her to tell Vanessa everything that she and Becky talked about. It would be terrible for Shelli’s game if everything got out, but it wouldn’t be the first time Shelli did something stupid. But for now, she’s keeping quiet.

Next, Vanessa comes in sporting a weird British accent for some reason, and Becky tells her and Austin that Shelli is the target. After Austin leaves, Van tells her that she’s isolated from everyone else, so she wants to make a deal with her for safety, but Becky immediately shuts her down. She says she’s tired of hearing the word deal or alliance and wants nothing to do with either. She’s Basic Becky (her words, not mine), so she doesn’t want to make any deals with anyone. She’s about short term, not long term. Vanessa is flabbergasted. Who doesn’t try to make a deal with someone? Now she’s even more worried that she’s the target, because apparently if you don’t want to make a deal with Vanessa, it must mean you’re against her and want her out. Of course, in this case, it’s true, but it’s still a little bit presumptuous of Vanessa to jump to that conclusion. As far as we know, Becky hasn’t made any deals yet with anyone, except for maybe the Dark Moon alliance, so why should she want to start an alliance now when she’s gotten this far without one?

After telling John the plan and badmouthing Vanessa for a few minutes (she betrays everyone and then complains that she’s alone, and everyone is after her) the nomination ceremony comes around. And true to her word, she puts up Steve and Shelli, telling Steve that she knows he’s a super fan and that she wants to see him play and get some blood on his hands. This is NOT cool with Steve, who is apparently one of the only people not in on the plan, so he thinks it’s legit. Now that she’s outed his “strategy” (apparently avoiding everyone and talking to himself is, indeed, a strategy), he wants her gone. Should he become HoH next week, he’ll be gunning for her. ::Pats Steve on the head::

So if all things go as planned, Vanessa will be ousted this week. I can already see a few issues with the plan though. One, Shelli and Vanessa are friends, and even though it wouldn’t be in Shelli’s best interests to tell Vanessa the real plan (unless she can do it without making it known that she was the one who gave out the info), she could still do it if her conscience decides to make a rare appearance. Two, Vanessa is onto Becky’s plan because of the no deal thing, so she’s going to play hard for the veto if she gets picked to play and three, if Van gets to play and wins, she’ll pull Shelli off the block, forcing Becky to put someone else up. And four, if Becky’s crew does win the veto and pulls off Shelli and puts up Vanessa, there is still a slight chance that Steve could go home instead of Vanessa. Shelli, Austin, and the twins would vote to keep Vanessa, and James, Jackie, Meg and John would vote to get rid of her. But then, Becky would get the tie-breaker vote and evict Vanessa, but the possibility is still there that the plan could blow up in their face.

What do you think will happen? Will Vanessa go home this week? Will she win the veto and pull Shelli off the block? And if she does, who will Becky put up instead? Let me know your thoughts!

– Rebecca

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  1. Great analysis, Rebecca. That game of Telephone was ridiculous, but shows how easily things get misconstrued in this House. I was surprised Becky didn’t lie to Vanessa and make a fake deal to throw off the scent. Vanessa looks like the game’s first juror.

    However, i hope it doesn’t go as planned. Just for entertainment’s sake 😉 Steve could be gone this week. He’s so clueless its amusing. He thinks he’s a target. I think when he talks strategy with furniture and fixtures they’re giving shoddy advice. Hehehe. And hey, John stepped up and made a move, even though he was way off. I hope his partnership with Becky works out.

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    • I’m surprised too, that Becky didn’t lie to Vanessa. I also think it was stupid to tell her the truth. Vanessa is so paranoid. Of course she’d think she was a target if a deal wasn’t made. Now she’s going to work harder to stay off the block. My fear is that she’ll play and win the veto and take Shelli off the block. If she does, I hope that Becky will put a twin up, since they need to be stopped too. I’ll be happy if Shelli or Vanessa goes home. Steve is so weird, so I want him to stay. Plus, I love nerds. lol.

      And then we’ve got to think about the double eviction this week. Thursday is going to be crazy.

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      • Steve does have that geek charming down pat. Vanessa is such a warrior, I know she won’t go down without a fight. I can’t wait to watch Round 1, once she finds out. You’re right, her winning veto would be the biggest blow to Becky’s plan. If Van finds out she was the plan to kick out, she will be fuming, even if she’s safe with Veto. I hope the Twins stay though. I’m still holding onto them and Austin with Van as the team I root for. Can’t wait the next episode! And your review!

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