Big Brother: Another Superfan Bites the Dust‏

Things are not great right now in the Big Brother house. This week, Vanessa made a decision that upset most of the house guests—she nominated Jason for eviction instead of Austin. Everyone was shell shocked at the Veto meeting, but that shock quickly turned to anger and disbelief. No one can understand why the plan was suddenly changed, and now everyone wants to know what happened to change Vanessa’s mind.

Jason is really angry, and for the first time, he finally seems to see Shelli and Clay for who they really are. While he talks with some of the other house guests about the blind side, everyone seems really upset about it, except for Shlay, Jason notices. Could they have had something to do with the decision? They keep quiet during the conversation, completely stone-faced, and he wonders if maybe they were the ones behind the whole thing.

While Austin and Liz revel in the blind side, laughing as they remember the look on Meg’s face when she heard Jason’s name being called, Meg herself goes to Clay and questions him about what happened. Clay plays dumb and tells her that Austin must have made a deal with Vanessa to save himself this week. He denies knowing about the plan beforehand. So Meg goes to Vanessa to get her side of the story. She can’t keep the tears back as she talks to Vanessa, who doesn’t seem at all phased by her crying. She tells Meg that of course she wasn’t the only one behind the plan. She wouldn’t make that kind of decision on her own. Of course Shelli and Clay knew about it and helped make her decision.

Yet when Jackie confronts both Vanessa and Shelli, Vanessa tells her that she trusts Austin more than Jason, so she had to nominate him. She tries to tell her that the majority of the house had wanted Jason gone, and it’s pretty clear that Jackie doesn’t believe her. Believe it or not, she can do simple math. So Jackie turns to Shelli and outright asks her if she’s one of the people who want Jason gone, and Shelli denies it, saying she wants Jason to stay in the house. The look of shock on Vanessa’s face is priceless.

Jackie knows that Shelli was definitely on board to evict Jason, and when she and Meg get together to talk, they piece things together. Shelli and Clay have had a hand in every eviction so far, so why wouldn’t they be behind this on too? Jason and James join the girls, and that’s when the tears start flowing. Jackie feels like she’s responsible for what’s happened because she trusted Vanessa. Meg just hasn’t stopped crying since the Veto meeting. “Why do you keep putting up my peeps?!” she demands in the DR. “Stop putting up my peeps!” To which I say, well then, play the damn game! This side of the house has just let the Sixth Sensers walk all over them. They didn’t fight back when Da’Vonne was evicted. They didn’t fight back when Jeff was evicted. Everyone wanted Audrey gone, but before she left, she blew up the alliance to everyone! They just didn’t believe her. You’d think that, after all this has happened, they’d remember what Audrey told them and really start to piece the puzzle together and fight back. Well, maybe this has been their wake up call.

Meanwhile, up in the HoH room, Shlay and Vanessa have it out. Shelli is pissed that Vanessa dared include them when trying to defend herself, and Vanessa is pissed that Shelli and Clay would expect her to take the full blame on herself, and in this case, I’m on Vanessa’s side. She made a huge move this week, largely due to Shelli and Clay’s arguments to save Austin, a move that turned half the house against her, and they’re mad at her for the fallout? This kind of attitude drives me crazy. She was all set to get rid of Austin, but Shelli and Clay helped convince her to keep him, but they want her to take the target fully on herself after she’s already done the dirty work. So frustrating.

Jackie, Meg, James and Jason calculate how many people they’ll need on their side to save Jason. They’ve already got three votes, so they just need two more. They can either go for Liz/Austin, Steve/John, or Shelli/Clay. Liz apparently hates Jason so she and Austin are out. They think they might be able to scare Shelli and Clay into siding with them because…well actually, I have no idea what was going through their minds with this decision. So Jason goes to Shelli and Clay and tells them that Becky is planning on putting Shelli and Clay up on the block together if she makes HoH next week. So…he does exactly the thing that Audrey did last week. Shelli clearly doesn’t believe him, but he promises that he can be way more loyal to them than Becky can. Shelli points out that Liz and Austin will be pissed if they keep him, but Jason counters that Jackie, Meg and James will all be very grateful to them for keeping him, so who cares about Liz and Austin anyway? Plus, with Julia joining the game, now there’ll be a threesome in the house, so they can turn the tables on the twins and Austin and get rid of them, since they’re going to be a huge target, and they’ll need to be split up.

Shelli and Clay seem receptive to Jason’s words, but it’s not enough to swing their vote and in the end, only Meg and James vote to keep Jason, and he’s sent packing. Even Jackie jumped ship. Now, I honestly don’t understand why they didn’t even try to go to Steve and John about the vote. There was no rule that they could only talk to two people. Why not try to swing everyone? It’s not like playing it safe would help anymore anyway. Why not talk to everyone and least give it a shot?

In Jason’s interview with Julie, he says he thinks he was naive to think that Dark Moon could’ve made it. He should have known as soon as he felt comfortable that things would go south. He believes that Shelli and Clay are running everything and that Shelli is evil personified, and he thinks Vanessa is more emotional and has more of a soul than the other two. Oh honey. You’ll see soon enough what Vanessa is really like. You watch the feeds.

Now it’s time for Julia to enter the house! Liz, of course, is the first one at the door to greet her sister, but everyone else seems to be just as excited. I can’t wait for Sunday’s episode to hear people’s real feelings in the Diary Room. James though, does seem to be in awe of the twins. Now he’s got another hot chick to hit on. Dude can be funny, but he’s creepy. Julie announces to everyone that with Julia entering the house, the twin twist is now officially over. Also officially over? The Battle of the Block, and therefore, double HoHs. From now on, there will only be one HoH, which makes me incredibly happy. I hate the BoB. Good riddance.

So on to the HoH competition! It’s an endurance challenge called On the Edge. The house guests are on little ledges of a “cliff” that’s trying to throw them off. The last one to stay on their platform becomes the new HoH. Immediately, the wall they’re on tilts them forward, and soon after, it starts to rain freezing water onto them. A little later, they all get gut punched by stuffed eagles, and apparently it hurts, so I guess they’re designed to make the house guests have to decide between holding onto their ledge or protecting themselves from the birds. Genius.

I hate endurance HoH competitions because unless you read the myriad of BB update sites, you don’t get to find out who won the competition until Sunday, which seems like such a long way away. It’ll be interesting to see who wins this week. The great thing is that the Sixth Sense has a less than 50% of winning HoH this week, and unlike last week, if someone on the other side wins (go Jackie!) that person doesn’t have to worry about a second HoH and have to work with them. Whoever wins this one will have a lot more power than previous HoHs.

My hope is that someone outside the power alliance will win the challenge. I think Becky’s probably got a good chance, and Jackie might too. After all, she came close to winning the first endurance challenge, way back in week 1. James has a chance too, since he did win his last endurance competition, though it was sort of by default. If James, Jackie or Meg wins, I’m sure they’ll try to oust a Sixth Senser, but if John, Becky or Steve wins, I have no idea what could happen. Becky could step up and go against the alliance, since they’re the ones who put her up this week, but I think Steve would follow the alliance since he seems very easily manipulated. John is a wild card. I have no idea what he’d do as HoH.

What do you guys think will happen? Any predictions? Let me know in the comments below!

– Rebecca

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  1. Botb needed to be ended. As you say, good riddance. Really, you don’t need it every week. Maybe only bi-weekly if the producers really love the idea.

    Stayed away from the last paragraph or two so I want to be surprised Sunday seeing who wins the HOH. I don’t have the feeds.

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    • I hate the BoB. I think it and the double HoH are horrible ideas. It makes it nearly impossible for anyone not in the power alliance to make it anywhere. I’m so glad it’s gone.

      I don’t watch the feeds either, so I don’t know who won the HoH comp. The last paragraph or two is just my predictions on what will happen depending on who wins. 🙂

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  2. Another great review. Oh My-lanta.

    Looks like Shelli might have harmed her game by straight up lying / dodging with Meg about voting out Jason.

    Whoever wins HoH, Vanessa needs to buddy up with, especially if they’re from the other side of the house. I was thinking Jon before, but if Meg or Jackie (etc) win Van needs to tap them as her silent assassin for the Finals.

    I’m stoked for Sunday too. I dodge spoilers and the feeds so it will be a nice surprise.

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    • Ugh, that oh my-lanta thing drove me crazy, and it looks like Jason’s spread it to the other house guests. How did this become a thing? lol

      I definitely think Shelli harmed her game, with Meg and the other side of the house for sure, and maybe with Vanessa too. I couldn’t believe they were angry with her for not taking the full blame of what went down. It really makes me dislike Shelli. Vanessa has some massive work to do to make things cool with the other side of the house again. If they feel the same way that Jason does, then she’s got a chance, since they think Shelli and Clay are behind everything, but she’s the one who pulled the trigger, so they’re not going to let her off too easily. I’m not sure Shelli and Clay will be able to fix things. It really depends on who wins the HoH comp. I don’t think Meg or Jackie will let her run their game, and they’ll probably go after Shelli or Clay. James is more malleable. And I can see John throwing the comp.

      I like reading up on what goes on in the house that they don’t show on the air, especially when what actually goes on is way different from the edit CBS gives the house guests, but I don’t like knowing who won the comps before hand. It makes it difficult, since most of the update sites have all that information right there for everyone to see, whether they want to or not. I’ve been spoiled more than once. I try to mostly only read on Thursday night right after the HoH comp, before spoilery stuff goes up, and after Wednesday’s show, once there are no more spoilers to worry about.

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      • If Jackie wins, I think she’s the mostly likely candidate to put up Clay and Shelli. Other’s like Meg or Becky might be afraid of painting a target. They seem to be in coasting mode until it whittles down more.

        I’d like to see John make a move and pick a side. As far as throwing a comp, why do you mention that, it’s not like he’s been in that scenario before 😉 Jokes.

        I know what you mean about Spoiler sites. Tread with caution and abandon all hope ye who enter there 😉 I like knowing more about events too, but it isn’t worth the risk. I like your articles because there’s no spoilers what hasn’t aired.

        I’m looking forward to your next review on Sunday’s episode. I hope it unfolds unexpectedly.

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      • I think you’re right. Jackie seems to be the only who may have the guts to go up against the alliance. Meg was really fired up, but I don’t know if she actually has what it takes to make a big move. Honestly, I think anyone outside the alliance is pretty much screwed. Unless all six of them can gang up against the other six, I don’t think any of them stand a chance.

        I’d love to see John pick a side too, but I don’t think he will. So far, he’s gotten through by laying low and doing what the Sixth Sense wants. Hopefully it’ll be enough to keep him around even when the alliance starts to crumble, as I’m sure it eventually will.

        I try not to post anything spoilery, but I do like to talk a little bit about stuff that doesn’t make it to the broadcast, because I find it really interesting. I get a lot of non-spoilery info from the people who post comments on the show recaps at A lot of them watch the feeds, so they’re good at giving information about what the house guests are really like without spoiling anything. Usually. lol.

        I can’t wait until Sunday. I’m hoping someone outside the alliance will win and hopefully shake up the house.

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      • Great thoughts. I can’t wait for tonight either. I want to see an interesting shake up too. EW always does good recaps, eh. In depth. Cheeky. But I prefer your articles. It feels like we’re chatting around the water cooler. 😉 I already feel I can trust your discretion regarding spoilers. You’ll just give me the interesting bits, like the earlier behaviour of Audrey.

        Keep up the BB goodness. I’ll be back to hear about Sunday’s episode!

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      • Aww, thank you! I’m glad you like them! I’ll try to keep it interesting, which isn’t difficult this year, with this group of house guests. lol.

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