You Do Not Want to Lose a Tooth in… – Darkness Falls (2003)

As far as horror films go, Darkness Falls is not the worst to be found. Many people complained about this film when it was released and how it failed to deliver, but when you watch even the trailer for this film, it does not pretend to be the saviour of all things horror. It is not going to reinvent the wheel nor does it promise to. It is a film that you have seen many times before, a good, old-fashioned monster-action hybrid like the Boogeyman or any number of similarly themed films. It has a simple premise that sets everything up and then it delivers upon it. Nowhere did it state or even hint at elevating the genre to the next level and for those with high expectations thinking that it would, of course you will be disappointed watching this.

darkness-falls-01The film does do something which makes for good horror and that is taking a beloved childhood figure, as much as the Tooth Fairy can claim to be, and perverting it into an abominable caricature of itself. This particular creature was a woman who had been wronged by the townspeople of Darkness Falls and has now comes back to haunt them and steal their children. Kyle is one such child, a boy who saw her when he was little and who managed to live and survive her wrath and now, grown to adulthood, comes into contact with Caitlin whose younger brother is facing the same dilemma.

darkness-falls-02There is a lot of action in this film and the Tooth Fairy itself is a little creepy, but there are few scares to be had. For those inexperienced in the genre, they might be more inclined to be frightened at certain scenes, and there are those moments when that startle when things come out of nowhere, but in all, there is little true horror to be had. More than anything, director Jonathan Liebesman lets the mood and the atmosphere do the talking for him and it is a very dark film at times, especially as it plays with light and shadow throughout its length. The one thing that takes away from that effective cinematography are the action scenes which almost always take place at breakneck speed. The one thing you can say is that the film is never boring as there is always something happening.

The film stars Emma Caulfield, who many might remember from her time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as Caitlin and Chaney Kley as Kyle. They do a decent job of it and if anything, you would most likely have wanted to watch this because of Caulfield more than Kley. The script is good, the effects effective and at the end of the day, the film succeeds in what it set out to do. Was it to be the next great horror franchise or the next step in horror evolution? No it was not and for those that thought it would be and were disappointed because of that, they have nobody to blame but themselves. Darkness Falls is a good film. It is not great and there are better films in the genre out there, but it entertains which is what a film should do.

3 out of 5
darkness_falls_ver2 darkness-falls-poster

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  1. Overall, I liked this movie. My biggest complaint is that it was way too short to get any kind of cohesive story flowing. Plus, that was one ugly kid.

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