Mind Capsules – Future Imperfect #2 and Outcast by Kirkman and Azaceta #10

Future Imperfect #2
Future Imperfect #2

Writer – Peter David
Artist – Greg Land
Inker – Jay Leisten
Colours – Nolan Woodward

The second issue of Future Imperfect starts off with a flashback that sees Major Ross and General Talbot head off into space where they are bombarded with cosmic rays, a nice little spin on the origin of the Fantastic Four yet not involving them obviously. That brings us to the present which finds the Thing, aka Thunderbolt Ross, going one on one with the Maestro, the evil despot of Dystopia. The Maestro as everyone may or may not know is an older and far more evil version of the Hulk and one that is much more powerful as well. After Ruby and her companions tried to take the big man out, it is now up to Ross to give it his best shot though it might not be enough when all is said and done. Peter David, the man who created the Maestro and many of the characters that are featured in this Secret Wars series, returns to his creations and does so with a tale so full of action; it does not look as if it is ever going to stop. The main part of the book is devoted to the battle between Ross and the Maestro, like so many Hulk stories of old, yet this one is worth a lot more than just bragging rights. The Maestro has been a ruler who is not generally known for his kindness and as such, a resistance has formed who want to get rid of him in a permanent kind of way. What is kind of funny is that by the end of the book, David turns the tables on the reader and introduces a new little plot development that not only falls in line with what a few other series are currently doing, but leaves the book on one incredibly intriguing cliff-hanger. Greg Land does a great job on pencils as he almost always does and the book looks fantastic because of it. Together, he and David have created a fun little miniseries that so far, is starting to stand out a little further than most of the pack. Future Imperfect is definitely a book that you need to be reading.

4 out of 5

Outcast by Kirkman and Azaceta #10
Outcast by Kirkman and Azaceta #10

Writer – Robert Kirkman
Artist – Paul Azaceta
Colours – Elizabeth Breitweiser

After Kyle and the Reverend find Sherry on the streets, they do what they do to exercise the demon from her and she is left in a coma in the hospital, possibly for good. Her parents are more than a little angry and Kyle is even more so, angry at the Reverend and angry at himself. To that effect, Kyle heads over to see his ex in the hopes of gaining some small measure of peace and to hopefully see his daughter. Emotions run high this issue courtesy of Paul Azaceta and Robert Kirkman as we get a peek into the private lives of not only Kyle but of Allison as well. A bit of their collective past stands revealed and it turns Kyle from what is a tragic figure into one even more pitiful than he was before. You also end up feeling bad for Allison as she has no idea of the way that things really are, of who Kyle really is. All she knows is that things happened the way they did and not the reason behind them. That revelation clears things up for the reader a little as to why the two are no longer together and you come to see that even if Kyle were to tell Allison of why it happened and of what he can do, she would probably just think him even crazier than she already does. Additionally there is a little drama between the demons of the series that finds them getting exponentially perturbed at the Reverend and Kyle sticking their noses into everything. As they are obviously up to something big, it keeps the mystery and tension of the book running along at a fairly smooth pace and continually makes you want to tune in for more to find out just what it is that is going to happen. All around, a solid issue with some great characterization.

3.5 out of 5

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