Big Brother: The Crazies Come Out to Play

I always find that during Big Brother season, the time between Sunday and Wednesday seems so much longer than the time between Thursday and Sunday. We know who the two nominated people are, and now we have to wait three whole days before we find out how they handle being nominated. This week, it’s Jackie and Steve. Jackie seems to take it relatively well, but Steve is a bit of a wreck. But now they’re both even more determined to win the Veto and save themselves for another week.

Meanwhile, things are still going according to plan for the people in charge. James and Jason discuss the number of votes they’ll need to get in order to vote Jace out (seven) and then decide to pull a couple more people into their alliance. James goes for Meg, at least partially because he thinks she’s hot, and Clay, because he’s a country boy like him. So now they’ve got six people, five of which can vote this week. Clay talks about keeping the group small, so this plan is already halfway out the window.

Da basically mirrors my thoughts: the group is too big, and the connections between people are too shaky. She confirms that this alliance is going to be temporary. And the fact that they haven’t named the alliance is another telling sign. No one seems to want to fully commit so early in the game, and I both agree and disagree with this line of thinking. On one hand, it can be dangerous to tie yourself down to someone you don’t know, who could go crazy later on (oh, just wait), but on the other hand, if you don’t align with someone quickly, you could end up on the outside when you finally are ready to settle down.

Cases in point:

1. Jace streaks through the back yard, and no one is impressed. Austin really starts to realize that Jace could be hurting not only himself, but the both of them by being this obnoxious, so he pulls Jace aside and lets him know that he’s annoying everyone else. They head up to the HoH room to talk to James (and Audrey, who happens to be in the room at the time) to find out what he’s planning. James tells them he’s going for a big target, but he and Audrey fool them into a sense of comfort, and before long, the bros are throwing out possible alliance names. James and Audrey just stay silent, letting them believe what they want to believe.

2. Da goes nuts. She knows that there will eventually be a counting competition (though it’s usually way later in the game, but whatever), so she’s going around the house, counting stuff. She gets into it with Jeff and Clay when Jeff questions her about going into his room. I’ve watched it twice now, and I still don’t understand why she was so upset. I think it’s partly because he called it “his” room as if she wasn’t allowed to go in. I don’t know. Anyway, he tries to apologize, and she’s not having any of it. He goes back down to Clay and tells him what happened, and then Clay goes up and questions her, which makes her even angrier. And to top it off, Audrey goes to talk to Clay to tell him to apologize to Da because he made her cry, and when he does, Da then gets angry at Audrey for meddling. Wow. I can’t even. Personally, I think she’s being massively paranoid and ridiculous, and if her grudges hold out, eventually she’ll be angry at the whole house.

3. Audrey goes nuts, but we’ll get to this later.

Because, after we find out that the first four have-nots in the house are the four with the fast forwards, and after we get our first glimpse of the have not room (a dentist’s office, to John’s delight), we get ready to play Nosa Scotia, our first Veto competition!

The six people playing are James, Steve and Jackie of course, plus Becky, John and Jason. It is interesting that it’s basically the same people who were involved in the BoB. Anyway, their objective is to race through the obstacle to giant noses filled with “nuggets” with letters and point values on them, and bring them one by one back to their boards, where they have to spell a word that scores the highest points. So it is pretty much the same as one of the first Veto competitions from last year, only this year, everyone manages to spell an actual word. There’s pretty much no competition: Steve easily wins with “trombonists,” which gets him 12 points. Second place goes to James, who gets 8 points with “lifeguards.” Yay! I was convinced that Jace would end up playing and win this comp, and then Steve would be sent home, so I’m pretty ecstatic that Steve is safe this week!

However, now we go back to Audrey going nuts. Late one night, she decides she needs to rally the troops in order for them to get rid of Jace. So one by one, and without telling James and Jason what she’s up to, she gets Shelli, Jeff (who originally tells her no because he’s spending time with Meg), Meg, and Clay and brings them all up to the HoH room to meet with her and James and Jason. Da is nowhere to be seen, but it doesn’t matter. Everyone is so annoyed with Audrey now that Da’Vonne’s earlier outburst is completely forgotten. Jeff thinks she’s sketchy. James and Jason are upset that she’s pulling everyone into their alliance—so upset that James is (rightfully) thinking about getting rid of her now too. I have to wonder if she’s ever watched the show, because she’s pretty much doing exactly the same thing that Devin did last year, and he was booted for it almost immediately. She’s definitely going to be in trouble if she doesn’t rein it in.

Thankfully though, James sticks to the plan and nominates Jace, which makes both Jace and Austin angry. They both feel betrayed because they’d thought they had a deal with James and Jason. Personally, I hope they get rid of Jace tomorrow night, and if they do, I hope Austin will be able to scramble into an alliance, because I don’t want to see him go.

What did you all think of the episode? Are some of these girls crazy, or what? And who do you think will be the first house guest out the door? Let me know!

– Rebecca

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