Mind Capsules – Infinity Gauntlet #2 and Jem and the Holograms #4

Infinity Gauntlet #2
Infinity Gauntlet #2

Writer – Dustin Weaver, Gerry Duggan
Artist – Dustin Weaver

The first issue of the Infinity Gauntlet introduced us to a family whose mother had joined the Nova Corps to stop the Annihilation Wave while they stayed on Earth in New York. The problem was that New York was not spared and after a harrowing run from some bugs, their mother returns and she comes to recruit the rest of her family into the Corps as well. Things do not go so smoothly though as the bugs have hit the Corps’ last stronghold on Earth and it looks as if someone has stolen the Infinity Gem that was kept there. With this issue, Thanos finally rears his head thanks to Dustin Weaver and Gerry Duggan. This Thanos is a different one to what we have seen previously as he is a broken and beaten down Thanos. He is a man that has seen failure and he believes the key to his resurrection are the Infinity Gems, of which he now has one. What he does not know is that the family is now in possession of one as well. The book features a truly unique family dynamic, one that has seen them deal with abandonment, the death of their grandfather and then having great power thrust upon them and all in a short manner of time. Weaver and Duggan do a great job in fleshing out our new heroes, making them incredibly likeable as they try to figure out how to use their new powers on the fly. What is going to make this book even more intriguing is when Thanos finally meets up with our heroes and the battle for the Infinity Gems begins, if a battle it becomes. For now they are evenly matched, but as the series moves on you can only surmise that one of them is going to gain the upper hand.  On another note, Weaver’s artwork is excellent and it really gives the book a great energy that matches the pace set out by the story and so far and in all has been a fun read.  This book might have started out as a bit of a head-scratcher, but it has turned into a pleasant surprise.

3.5 out of 5

Jem and the Holograms #4
Jem and the Holograms #4

Writer – Kelly Thompson
Artist – Sophie Campbell
Colours – M. Victoria Robado

In part four of Showtime, Kimber is still trying to squeeze a relationship out of Stormer and as such, both of them are almost late for their respective performances. Meanwhile Jerrica is still a little nervous around Rio and the most surprising thing happens when he meets Jem and could not care any less about who it is that stands in front of him. Kelly Thomspon and Sophie Campbell deliver another solid and fun issue of Jem and the Holograms. Everything about this book is perfect; from the reimagined cast members (who are not too far off the mark) to the tone of the story. Some of the funniest moments come from the Misfits and Pizzazz in particular as her hatred for Jem is all-consuming and has her consistently losing her mind. The strange thing is that when Pizzazz gets mad or throws a fit, it actually works for the band’s image. One of the better moments in the book is the utter disregard that Rio has for Jem. She for one is quite surprised by it, possibly because Jerrica has not yet gotten used to being in her alter-ego’s shoes yet, but it does show that Jerrica as herself has something to offer that Jem never will. The book even has a cliff-hanger that while you can almost predict what will happen, should make things pretty interesting when our heroines come out the other side of it. With some great words by Thompson and artwork by Campbell, Jem is shaping up to be a really superb alternative to the usual superhero fare that currently dominates the stands.

4 out of 5

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    • They aren’t completely, merely a little to make them seem more real-world. For instance Stormer is shorter and full-figured, Jerrica is shorter and Jem is much taller. It really works quite well actually.


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