Mind Capsules – Dawn/Vampirella #4 and Wayward #9

Dawn-Vampirella #4
Dawn/Vampirella #4

Writer – Joseph Michael Linsner
Artist – Joseph Michael Linsner

The demon Masodik is still holding Dawn and Vampirella hostage and Vampirella for one, is getting sick and tired of it. Talking to her co-captive, Vampirella learns that Dawn could probably have gotten them out of there at any moment, she simply chose not to as there is something she wishes to find out. That information does not make Vampirella very happy whatsoever. The crossover between two of comicdom’s greatest ‘bad girls’ to use outdated terminology continues and Joseph Michael Linsner makes it a lot of fun, especially with Dawn’s revelation. Most of the book finds our two heroines talking with each other in lieu of telling stories to the demon and it is here that readers get a refresher on Dawn’s past as she tells of Darrian Ashoka and of their eventual fate together. She also relates of how she managed to get captured by Masodik, of how he used her past to get the better of her through trickery and that is when she drops the little bombshell which ticks Vampirella off. What was really great to see was how even though the book was fairly Dawn-centric, Linsner still managed to further the story along and it made for one of the most interesting issues in the series to date. Story aside, the artwork is more phenomenal than ever. Linsner is one of the pre-eminent artists today who can really make a book, including the women of course, look good. This issue also happens to be the best drawn of the bunch so far with some really gorgeous panels, especially the two page spread towards the end where Vampirella lunges for Dawn. The fourth issue of Dawn/Vampirella is quite wonderful all around and well worth your money.

4 out of 4

Wayward #9
Wayward #9

Writer – Jim Zub
Artist – Steve Cummings
Colours – Tamra Bonvillain

The current issue of Wayward still finds our team of heroes split up into two groups with Rori and Shurai still looking for Emi, Nikaido and Ayane. As such, the book follows both groups on their respective missions with Rori becoming quite the frightening person as she starts to understand her powers better and begins using them in ways that perhaps she should not be doing. It makes Shurai uncomfortable and Rori for her part, is much stronger than originally thought. Meanwhile Emi is growing distant once again as Ayane and Nikaido have decided to make a pact with the tsuchigumo, or earth spiders and Emi cannot seem to find her voice to speak her thoughts on the subject. Jim Zub and Steve Cummings are really doing a great job on the character building with this book and one of the more interesting things to see is the advancement of Rori from naive school-girl into scary magic-wielder. Things have definitely come far from where they were in the first issue of the series and with the villains of the book starting to make strides; our heroes must do the same. Perhaps the only negative that can be found in the book is the lack of focus on the villains and their motives. It is good to see our heroes of course, but a little more face-time for the bad guys and why they are doing what they are doing would be a good thing. This issue also features a great essay courtesy of Zack Davisson on the dirt spiders which is not actually a piece on spiders, but on something else and it is a fascinating bit of history. Great story and fantastic artwork equals another win for Zub and company.

4 out of 5

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