Mind Capsules – The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #6 and Batman Beyond #1

The Autumnlands Tooth & Claw #6
The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #6

Writer – Kurt Busiek
Artist – Benjamin Dewey
Colours – Jordie Bellaire

The time has finally come for the meeting between the fallen city dwellers and Seven Scars. Though there are some who hope that this talk might avert a disaster and a lot of death, Learoyd knows that it will not be so and he has something up his sleeve to prevent any possible massacre at the hands of Seven Scars and his people. The city people are evacuated, all except Gharta and her fellow prisoner, and everything looks to be going well until Learoyd springs his trap. It astounds many, Dusty and Seven Scars among them and whatever hope for parlay they might have had, which was little to none, has now been scattered to the wind like so many ashes. Kurt Busiek, Benjamin Dewey and Jordie Bellaire bring the first arc of The Autumnlands to a close and they do so with a literal bang. Even amongst everything that is going on, some members of the city cannot seem to stop scheming, namely Sandorst, and when opportunity arises for him to take advantage he does so. If there is one real villain in this book, it is him. Seven Scars does what he feels he has to for him and his people but Sandorst is all about personal gain at everyone’s expense. Dusty has some really great character moments that show the reader just how young and inexperienced he is and later on, just how much he has grown as well in such a short time. Gharta is eventually freed and come the end of the story there is a glimmer of hope that makes itself known. What the future might bring for these people now that the worst is behind them and they are returning to their old way of life is unknown.  What might happen going forward should be very interesting most especially for the Champion though as Learoyd will have to prove himself once more. Busiek weaves a very deft tale, full of excitement and duplicity while Dewey and Bellaire create some of the best interiors to be seen in any comic on the stands today and together, they make The Autumnlands the perfect package that any reader might enjoy.

5 out of 5

Batman Beyond #1
Batman Beyond #1

Writer – Dan Jurgens
Artist – Bernard Chang
Colours – Marcelo Maiolo

Right off the hop, Batman Beyond begins with a lot of action as Batman must stop some Jokerz from disabling the Veil system which protects Gotham from Brother Eye. As previously chronicled in Futures End, Terry McGinnis is no more and Tim Drake now has care of the suit and after failing to prevent the desolate future that Terry went back in time to stop, Tim now does what he can for the last remaining dregs of humanity. After the ultimately disappointing story that was Futures End, the expectations for this new Batman Beyond title were not very high. It is great to be surprised then as Dan Jurgens and Bernard Chang have delivered a solid beginning to a new era of the future Batman even if Terry McGinnis is not the man in the suit. Would it be better if Terry was still alive? Definitely, but Tim Drake does have what it takes as has been proven time after time. It is nice to see the Jokerz make an appearance as well as Terry’s brother and there is a surprise during the cliff-hanger of the book that should make many fans happy. Best of all is that this is an entirely new world ripe for exploring, merging the normal future that has been seen in Batman Beyond along with that dystopic era seen in Futures End. Jurgens is a solid writer and the title is in good hands with him at the helm. If he can keep things fresh and exciting then there is no reason why this book could not last for a long time to come. In all, Batman Beyond is off to a good start and worth picking up.

3.5 out of 5

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