Mind Capsules – Groot #1 and Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1

Groot #1
Groot #1

Writer – Jeff Loveness
Artist – Brian Kesinger

Groot has decided that he wants to take a trip to Earth as he has never really ‘been’ there. So of course, he drags along his buddy Rocket except trying to find a way to get there is becoming much harder than it should as the two run into all sorts of trouble. The script by Jeff Loveness is excellent and the man really knows how to write some playful banter even if Groot can only say three words. The two continually go at it, page after page and you can safely say that Groot and Rocket were made to be the best of friends no matter how different they seem from one another. Aiding in this books effort is Brian Kesinger who is probably just as good as Skottie Young, if not better at drawing the two heroes. His comedic timing is perfect and just the expression on Groot’s face at any given time is enough to give the reader a chuckle. There are so many good moments in this book, it is hard to pick out one that really stands out as the best whether it is the pair fighting space sharks or stealing the life-pod from a dying planet in a parody of Superman’s origin. Of course there is more trouble to come and the book ends on a cliff-hanger that may or may not see the dynamic duo survive. When the book was announced, it was met with a little skepticism because how could a living tree that could only speak three words head up its own title? If you read this little buddy-comedy called Groot, you will find out exactly how.

4 out of 5

Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1

Writer – Dan Slott
Artist – Adam Kubert
Inker – John Dell
Colours – Justin Ponsor

In this Secret Wars miniseries, Peter Parker and Mary Jane are still married and as time has passed, they now have a child. Peter of course is still out saving the day on a daily basis but things have started to become a little harder as he has been fighting not only his own villains but seemingly everyone else’s too. It turns out that there is a reason for that, a man who goes by the name Regent. Said villain has the power to absorb the powers of others and so when he faces off against the Avengers, he makes short work of them. Missing from the battle is Spider-Man who has raced home to find Venom with his wife and child. Unlike the Avengers, Spidey is victorious but he realizes that he must now make a choice and it is one you would never thought to have seen. Dan Slott and Adam Kubert deliver a great book featuring everyone’s favourite married couple and it is nice to see the two of them together again, alternate universe-Battleworld domain or not. While Slott usually packs the regular Amazing Spider-Man book full of humour, there is little on display here as the story takes a decidedly dramatic turn. For those that thought Spidey could not be interesting being married, much less with a child, then all they have to do is read this issue. There is a ton of action to be had and seeing all of the familiar heroes we all know and love albeit with some tweaks here and there is fun to see. Peter is still the same old Peter, just a little older and now with a child to call his own he seems just a little more grounded. The ending to this book is not expected as previously stated, but with Peter’s new lot in life, it only makes sense. Great story by Slott and great artwork from the ever-dependable Adam Kubert make this one Secret Wars title you need to be reading.

4 out of 5

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