Mind Capsules – The Four Points #2 and Birthright #7

The Four Points #2
The Four Points #2

Writer – Scott Lobdell
Artist – Jordan Gunderson
Inker – John Ercek, Mark Roslan
Colours – Valentina Pinto

While the first issue of the series had somewhat of a shaky start, this book picks things up and gets stronger as Gia Sorentino goes to recruit Aspen Matthews in the hopes of saving the world. At the moment, Aspen really could not care any less as she has done her part for the Earth and wants to simply live her life, a normal life for at least for a little while. When push comes to shove though, Aspen agrees but only after being kidnapped first, and when she sees what they are all up against she realizes that maybe she can save the world one more time. There are some good things and some that are not so great about the book, one being how the characters have been introduced to the reader and the lack of characterization. In fact aside from Aspen, who we already know and have had years of stories with, these new characters which include the aforementioned Gia as well as Ara and Ivana, seem lifeless. Though the book is packed with action and we find out why they have come together and who their enemies are, you really care very little for them. It could be because the situations and conflicts they have found themselves in have been rushed and as such there is little time for character building, and as you make your way through the issue though it is generally entertaining, you want a little more. The premise is great and the basis for the story is solid as is the fantastic artwork from Jordan Gunderson, but the on the whole, the book could be a lot better than what it is.  Still, it keeps you interested enough to come back for more and in the end, maybe that is all that matters.

3 out of 5

Birthright #7
Birthright #7

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Andrei Bressan
Colours – Adriano Lucas

Brennan and Mikey continue their journey to find the wizards from Terrenos who are living amongst the populace on Earth, but first they need to find a couple of special knives before they go any further. When they do, something terrible happens and it could be quite the game-changer if things go bad. With this seventh book, Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan bring us another rock-solid issue that is packed full of humour and action and could not be more enjoyable. The best moment of all in the entire book had nothing to do with Mikey or Brennan whatsoever, though in a roundabout way it sort of did. Their mother Wendy has finally had enough of doing nothing and may finally be coming to the realization that this large and grown-up Mikey may indeed be her son and as such, she needs to find them no matter what it takes.  Wendy has felt powerless as things have spiraled further and further out of control and so by taking matters into her own hands she might be able to make not only sense of her life, but of the situation and perhaps reclaim her son whom she thought she had lost. Another standout moment in the book was the arrival of Rya, the winged girl from Terrenos, now fully grown as well and pregnant to boot. You can guess whose child it must be, but like all things in this book, Williamson leaves it a mystery for now to ensure that it keeps you glued to the page. The artwork is as beautiful as ever and it keeps getting better and better as the title motors along. With that crazy cliff-hanger, one can only wonder what will happen next and you can count on this creative team to deliver a rock solid follow-up.

4 out of 5

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