Mind Capsules – Joe Frankenstein #3 and Spider-Man 2099 #12

Joe Frankenstein #3
Joe Frankenstein #3

Writer – Graham Nolan, Chuck Dixon
Artist – Graham Nolan
Colours – Gregory Wright

Keeping Joe out of the hands of the Bride is no easy task and while Frank tries his best to do so, her forces keep coming and coming. Once again though, he does so yet manages to get himself captured in the process which is not a good thing as the Bride is one step closer to gaining the immortality she has always craved. Graham Nolan and Chuck Dixon’s new take on the classic tale of Frankenstein’s monster has been a lot of fun and quite inventive and has been transformed from a tale of one man’s madness into a tale of redemption. Over the years since his birth, Frankenstein’s monster has tried to atone for the murder of his maker by helping and protecting all of his descendants. That job should have been an easy one yet Nolan and Dixon throw a wrench into his task with his former Bride who yearns to live as he does, throughout the years and forever. The Bride does what she has to of course, trying to find that genetic code that will give her what her creator failed to do and she truly does become a monster over the decades, killing, harvesting organs and consorting with other creatures of the night like Lord Golgatha. Graham Nolan has turned Frankenstein’s monster into a hero and the Bride into a villain and it works perfectly. The writing is strong and the artwork even stronger and reading this book is like watching an old Universal picture crossed with a modern day adventure film and that crossing of genres gives it that extra punch to really put it over the top. Great stuff from IDW and all involved.

4 out of 5

Spider-Man 2099 #12
Spider-Man 2099 #12

Writer – Peter David
Artist – Will Sliney
Colours – Antonio Fabela, Andres Mossa

Peter David and Will Sliney wrap up Spider-Man 2099’s current series with not so much as a bang, but at least in a fitting way as our hero saves the day and the life of his friend. After giving Tempest a cure for her cancer and then seeing her subsequently turn into a giant human-wasp hybrid of some sort, Spidey is now fending for his life as she wants to literally eat him. So a big battle follows of course and it is a hard one as Spidey does not want to inadvertently hurt her and when all is said and done, things turn out all right. As a whole there were some good issues and bad in the series with most sort of just falling down the middle. It did not help anything that Spider-Verse took up a large chunk of issues right as David’s story was gaining momentum and as such, the book never really gained back what it had lost. The latter half of the series seemed rushed as David tried to wrap things up and whatever might have been in store for our hero may not have been what eventually ended up on the page but now we will never really know what may have been. This issue was good and it saw our hero doing what he does best and if the title should make a return after Secret Wars, a little more focus and excitement without interruption will go a long way to make it better.

3 out of 5

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