Mind Capsules – Uncanny Avengers #4 and Thor #8

Uncanny Avengers #4
Uncanny Avengers #4

Writer – Rick Remender
Artist – Daniel Acuna

The revelation that Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are products of the High Evolutionary and not the children of Magneto continues to be a little bit mind-boggling for the pair and they find it extremely hard to accept. While they try to wrap their heads around that fact, the army consisting of the Evolutionary’s rejects continues to attack and they are having a hard time of it against the superior forces of the High Evolutionary. Soon though, thanks to Sabretooth being able to escape from the mental control he was under and Captain America making a timely intervention, things might just be looking up. Rick Remender’s latest foray with his team of Avengers continues and it finds most of its members still separated from each other. Thankfully due to the events, some of them are managing to meet up and overcome their oppressors. With a little help from the Vision, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Rogue come together though Doctor Voodoo still remains in Ghost Town trying to cast a spell that is taking quite a bit of time. Even for all the vaunted might of our heroes, going to Counter-Earth and trying to overthrow the High Evolutionary on his home turf is ludicrous, especially as he commands all that there is around him. Be that as it may, these Avengers are going to give it their best shot and so far, it has been very entertaining to see them do so. The only point of contention with this series is the removal of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s mutanthood. With so many years of character building and whatnot under the belt, to have it torn away simply because of some corporate dispute that has nothing to do with the stories is a little silly to say the least. This latest story is a good one and it has been enjoyable so it remains to be seen where it leads and in the hands of Remender, you can be sure it will more than interesting getting there.

3.5 out of 5

Thor #8
Thor #8

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Russell Dauterman
Colours – Matthew Wilson

Everything that Jason Aaron has been hinting at all comes down to this issue and the big reveal on just who the new Thor really is. Aaron has definitely thrown readers a curveball with this one as it is someone who you would never expect, though some might have guessed. All of the clues up until now have pointed towards Roz Solomon as being the new Thor, something most people naturally assumed. The fact that it was not was a little surprising, but great fun as there are very few good mysteries in comics. Aaron also manages to wrap up the latest arc with a ton of action as Thor and many of her friends battle the Destroyer which ends in a manner that was also completely unexpected and paves the way for some intriguing stories going forward involving the gods. Freya stands out in this issue as she confronts her husband and it is nice to see someone else get the spotlight once in a while other than Thor. Thor is great, but her supporting cast is a strong one and to see them shine every now and then really makes things a bit better for the title overall. With some fantastic artwork from Russell Dauterman, this title looks better than it ever has before and it would be nice to see him remain on the book for a long time to come. To say that Thor’s identity is a bit of a game-changer is no small thing and it is unknown at this time what will happen with our heroine or how long it will be until the Odinson reclaims his hammer, but it should be a lot of fun  with Jason Aaron on board to guide the way.

4.5 out of 5

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