Mind Capsules – Guardians 3000 #8 and Project Superpowers: Blackcross #3

Guardians 3000 #8
Guardians 3000 #8

Writer – Dan Abnett
Artist – Nico Leon
Colours – Edgar Delgado, Antonio Fabela

Geena Drake and Yondu meet with Korvac to find out why he is messing about with the timestream while the rest of the Guardians are outside the house wondering how they are going to get in and what they are going to do. Michael Korvac wants to dismantle and fix the timestream so that the universe will be a perfect place with him overseeing it all. That is seemingly why there are time fluctuations, or at least a part of it because when everything comes out in the wash, Korvac admits that he knows that time is broken, about the incursions and tries one last time to at least try and put things right, but some things are even beyond those that have the power of a god. Dan Abnett and Nico Leon wrap up the adventures of Marvel’s first team to bear the name the Guardians of the Galaxy and it ends on a mysterious note as the Marvel Universe heads into Secret Wars. The book has been extremely fun under Abnett’s guidance, reintroducing a newer generation to the Guardians after the success of the feature film that bears their name. Framing the series around the events leading into Secret Wars, though in a roundabout way was a smart move as it seemed there was not much time left on the clock to tell any other kind of story. In effect, this book turned out to be an eight issue miniseries but it was one that never lacked for thrills, action or comedy. This issue saw the combined teams fight A-Sentience once again, saw Rocket get in a few good lines and Yondu take down Korvac with an arrow, though like he said, it was an earlier version of Korvac that at least made it possible to do so. With Marvel’s big universe-changing event taking place it is unknown if there will be room for this team coming out the other side of it, but hopefully there is for after having a taste of what it is like to have the Guardians back, it would be a shame not to see them anymore.

4 out of 5

Project Superpowers Blackcross #3
Project Superpowers: Blackcross #3

Writer – Warren Ellis
Artist – Colton Worley
Colours – Morgan Hickman

After a very confusing second issue, this third one picks things back up in a more linear fashion and finally gives us a couple of answers to what has been going on. What is known is that everything that is taking place is in this small town called Blackcross, filled with people that may or may not be the heroes we all know and love. One of those answers comes from the Green Lama who makes an appearance, in a way at least, to reveal just where it is the heroes have been, what has happened to them and what needs to happen in order to prevent whatever is going to happen in Blackcross next. There is a great scene between Marietta and Rob in the hospital where she tells him of her visions and that she can see the Black Terror, as well as the moment when he enters Rob’s body. There is then a further moment between the two when Rob heads home with Marietta and the Black Terror fully makes himself known in a very shocking scene. What will be interesting to see is if all of these events that are taking place are all connected, and they must be, and how they will all add up to whatever big situation is going to take place. Colton Worley’s artwork looks amazing and he is doing some of his best work to be seen from the publisher, very moody and perfectly suited for this haunting tale by Warren Ellis. It is good to see this book get back on track after last issue’s misstep and hopefully, it can continue along in the same vein.

3.5 out of 5

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