Been There, Done That – Cheerleader Massacre (2003)

Cheerleader Massacre is not a very good movie but it is also not a very bad movie. That in itself is pretty surprising yet no matter how bad this movie might seem, there is something that keeps you watching. It is not because of the tension present as there is very little of that due to the bad acting nor is it because it is overly exciting or frightening to which it is about as far away from those two things as anything could ever be. Not even the cheerleaders of this movie and the lack of clothes they sport is enough to keep you interested but something does and it is hard to put your finger on exactly just what it might be.



This movie features many of the stereotypical characters you would expect to see in a picture of this sort like the slutty cheerleaders, dumb blondes, the token pervert, jock-types who think drinking is the meaning of life and are actually even dumber than the dumbest blonde and your hotter-than-average teacher. For a movie made on a budget of zero dollars there was no chance that it would end up being a thinking man’s film and for the most part it did live up to that expectation and yet, it still kept you interested enough to keep watching and see how everyone would end up dying. They killing of almost all of the main characters was probably the best part of all if you had to choose something.


I can smile!

What was most intriguing about the whole film was how they would tie it into the original Slumber Party Massacre. It is weird to say that this film had more in common with that film than the second or third Slumber Party Massacres ever did and yet it is true. One of the only ways, if not the only way for this to tie in was for there to be a survivor from that first film. Just who it was and how they lived will not be said here but suffice it to say, a victim of the Driller Killer lived to tell the tale and recounts that story here which may or may not have something to do with all the killing that is taking place.

So what is it that makes you watch this film once it has started? There is in all likelihood no answer at all. It could just be that confluence of events – bad acting, cliché story, nudity, killing, no budget, etc. – that all equals up to that perfect storm. Again, it is not that good, but it is not all that bad either.

2.5 out of 5

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  1. Couldn’t get into this one. It seemed like it was trying to hard to emulate some of the things from the earlier movies that happened just because they didn’t know better.

    You’re right though. I did finish it once I started though.

    I think a lot of it has to do with me. I’ve had a much harder time getting into newer movies since the mid nineties. That’s for another post though.

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