A Massacre On All Fronts – Slumber Party Massacre 2 (1987)

When your franchise bottoms out the second movie in, you know there is a problem.  Yet, this film must have done well enough that a third was commissioned, though whether it was due to this film’s success or a means to make up for the trash that this film turned out to be – one can only guess.  As you watch this film you see where the slumber party aspect comes into the equation and then  you see where the massacre comes into it as well as it was not only the girls who were getting butchered, but the script, the story, the soundtrack and almost everything else that went into this movie.

spm2aFor whatever reason, the makers of this film took the tried and true premise of the original film and then tried to merge in elements of A Nightmare on Elm Street with is, or so it seems, with the Driller Killer now played by Atanas Ilitch as a poor man’s Freddy Krueger.  It is embarrassing to watch Ilitch ham it up as a ‘killer’ because his acting is so bad.  Of course there are no explanations give on how or why or even what is going on and if the Driller Killer is just a persistent nightmare, a form of madness in the mind of Courtney Bates or in actuality, something real.  The thing is, by the end of this film, if you can make it that is, you realize that you really do not care whatsoever.

spm2A special mention should go to everyone who worked on the soundtrack to this film.  Even by 1980’s standards, the music in this film was terrible.  Every song, every lyric, every pluck of a guitar string was agony to liten to and that, more than anything else was the real horror of the film.  It was either the music or the guitar with the drill on the end of it which as the killer’s weapon of choice.  Both that and the music were simply and absolutely atrocious.

There was a lot of blood and a lot of guts and if the ‘otherworldly’ element had been left on the cutting room floor, it might have been a fairly decent slasher.  But as it is, Slumber Party Massacre 2 is an abomination that could make both your eyes and your ears bleed and it is best left forgotten.

1 out of 5

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  1. I actually own the Slumber Party Massacre collection. I’ve seen the first one, which was bad enough, but not this one. I read your review and now I ask myself if I should be a glutton for punishment.

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  2. I hated this one and I feel like I have a high tolerance for 80s slasher movies. Maybe I’d find something to appreciate about it now, but at the time all the comedy and horror elements completely missed the mark for me. A low point for the massacre collections for sure.

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