Mind Capsules – Frankenstein Underground #1 and Superman #39

Frankenstein Underground #1
Frankenstein Underground #1

Writer – Mike Mignola
Artist – Ben Stenbeck
Colours – Dave Stewart

Poor Frank has been wandering around the wilds of New Mexico and all shot up when he comes across an old woman who thankfully possesses a little magic as she decides to heal him up.  She feels pity for him when she hears his tale of sadness and he soon grows comfortable in her presence though he still thinks of himself as a monster and one not worth saving.  But as in all things, peace never comes easy, especially for those who bear the name Frankenstein.  Spun out of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy universe, Frankenstein’s monster gets a miniseries of his own and it turns out to be a wonderful comic full of action and horror.  Over the years, Mignola has become a very adept writer, crafting hundreds of tales featuring the horrific and arcane and this book follows in that tradition nicely with a our hero finally ending up in 1956 and facing those who would use him for nefarious purposes.  And those people?  Well it just so happens to be the Marquis de Fabre and those who serve him.  Mignola matches Frank with a perfect villain, a man who is also immortal and has no qualms or morals about doing anything he sets his mind to.  The artwork by Ben Stenbeck and Dave Stewart is moody and dark and perfectly suited to the material within which is always a must on one of Mignola’s books..  The creature design is different from what we know, but still easily recognizable as the monster we all know and love and it is great to see that his skin tone is not green, instead representing a tone more suited to that from which he was born.  Frankenstein also goes up against one of the Marquis’ servants named Iblifika in this issue, and though she is probably in this book for the sake of having someone to fight, she sounds fairly interesting and it would be nice to see more of her if possible at some point.  The story then leaves off with you wanting more and it will be almost impossible not to come back for what might follow.

3.5 out of 5

Superman #39
Superman #39

Writer – Geoff Johns
Artist – John Romita Jr.
Inker – Klaus Janson
Colours – Hi-Fi

After the big events of the last few issues Superman decides to take a break, sort of, and not because he wanted to either.  It seems that after using his big solar flare power, it drains his cells of all of their juice, thus rendering him as normal as any old human on the planet.  He also decides that while he cannot really do anything, he might as well tell Jimmy Olson his secret and hang out with him for the day.  This was a good issue all in all, and while not much of anything happened, it was actually pretty enjoyable.  Geoff Johns takes are hero out and about to live as we do and it is fun to see him try and do the things he used to do while powered up, that he cannot do now.  While it is only going to last for a day, Clark cannot help but try to help others and it is great that Geoff Johns kept true to his character by having Clark do as such.  If Clark had decided that he could not do anything simply because his powers were gone, it would have definitely been the wrong way to go, so thankfully we did not have to see that.  Eventually though, Superman starts to get his powers back and his one day ‘off’ has to come to an end.  It was nice to see something a little different featuring Big Blue, but it will be good to see him getting back to the grind of taking out those menaces that are just too much for everyone else to handle.

3.5 out of 5

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