Mind Capsules – Thor #4 and Graveyard Shift #2

Thor #4
Thor #4

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Russell Dauterman
Colours –  Matthew Wilson

One thing we learn from this issue is that we are still no closer to finding out who the new Thor is, though for those who read the previous series it seems fairly obvious.  So what happens during this book is your obligatory fight as Thor versus Thor and then the eventual team-up against the Frost Giants after which Malekith escapes.  Perhaps the issue was a little predictable, but Jason Aaron always writes a fun tale and this one was no exception.  Seeing Original Thor try and beat down New Thor for stealing his hammer, even though he has no way of picking it up even should he win, was very entertaining.  One interesting thing that came out of all of this business was that Freya is not the new Thor, especially after New Thor kisses Original Thor.  That kind of dispelled that idea right there.  There is a ton of action and the pace never lets down, in fact it has been so from the very first issue which is one of the best aspects to be featured in it, especially as it is a relaunch.  You do not want to start the first arc off in your new title by boring the audience.  Malekith is up to his old tricks and so is Dario Agger, fooling both Thor’s in the end and potentially striking up a bargain between themselves.  It is nice to see Odin back in the driver’s seat again.  He has been gone a long time, far too long actually and the book was always missing just a little something without him being there.  This issue also finally shows us how Original Thor finally got his metal arm, a story a little bit overdue but welcome.  Going forward, it will be very intriguing to see New Thor deal with the rest of the Marvel Universe and with Aaron’s words and Russell Dauterman’s incredible pencils, she is in good hands.

4 out of 5

Graveyard Shift #2
Graveyard Shift #2

Writer – Jay Faerber
Artist – Fran Bueno

The second issue of Graveyard Shift picks right up from the first with Liam stuck in the graveyard and battling Hope for his life.  Getting the upper hand, Liam eventually gets Hope to come to her senses and soon the two begin to try and figure out what to do next.  There is one problem though and that is her hunger, which is gnawing at her something fierce.  Graveyard Shift might be your traditional vampire book, but it is one that tells its tale with quality storytelling and exceptional art.  Fran Bueno’s artwork is so good in fact that it is one of the most sumptuous looking books out right now.  His work is so clean and so lush that it is hard not to linger over every page as you read this, taking almost twice as long to get through the book as it normally would.  The thing is, you really do not mind that fact either as it is so rare to really appreciate a book on such a level.  Jay Faerber’s story is a familiar one and that is fine as he is taking his time with it and getting all the details right like the sunlight, the hunger, the helplessness and the desperation.  Even though you might tread over something recognizable once in a while, that does not mean that a good story cannot be told, and Faerber has been writing great stories for a long time now.  With Hope on the loose and feeding, it will be interesting to see what Liam does to get her back.  Though it might look as if the vampires in this world act the same, Faerber and Bueno could still pull the wool over our eyes and go in a totally different direction.  So far, this new little horror book is exciting, suspenseful and a lot of fun and after two solid issues, you cannot help but come back for a third.

3.5 out of 5

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