Mind Capsules – All-New Invaders #14 and Gotham Academy #4

All-New Invaders #14
All-New Invaders #14

Writer – James Robinson
Artist – Steve Pugh
Colours – GURU-eFX

Toro is back and surprise, surprise, he is now an Inhuman.  There is nothing wrong with that though as it actually gives him a little extra dimension to his character.  So Toro, back from being away for so many years, has a chat with Jim about what he wants to do with his life while the new Iron Cross battles some Nazis.  It is a good thing then that the Torches finish their talk and the Invaders head on over to help her out as she was getting a little overwhelmed.  After all was said and done in this issue, not much was actually going on as the fight was really the secondary plot of the issue and Toro’s re-introduction to the masses the main point of the book.  The World War II heroes have always held a fascination for many people and that includes their sidekicks, but where Bucky was at least a little interesting, that was not really the case with Toro.  He was okay and that was about the extent of it.  So it is that James Robinson decided to give him a little bit of characterization and it is nice to finally see that there is actually something to him other than being just another Human Torch clone.  The really surprising moment out of everything the two men talk about is the fact that Toro wants nothing to do with superheroics anymore, instead just wanting to live a normal life away from it all.  Being a superhero book and the fact that he was just introduced makes it seem doubtful, but if Robinson does go through with it, it would actually be slightly shocking.  Sadly, this is the second to last issue of the book as it has been cancelled, but hopefully it is not the end of the Invaders as this roster is something quite special amongst all of the other teams out there.

3.5 out of 5

Gotham Academy #4
Gotham Academy #4

Writer – Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher
Artist – Karl Kerschel
Colours – Msassyk, Serge LaPointe

Olive is pretty sure that they saw Millie Jane’s ghost, but more investigation is needed – that is if she can stay out of trouble.  As she digs deeper with the help of Maps, they find clues all over the school, a student who might be able to help and secret passages that lead to a shocking surprise.  Gotham Academy keeps on rolling and it continues to delight with every passing issue.  The writing by Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher is sharp and the characters are really coming to life under their expert guidance.  Maps is like the little sister that you both love and feel annoyed by and Olive is like yourself when you reach that age – a little withdrawn and private and wanting to break out of your shell, just not knowing how.  One of the best things about the story thus far, aside from Karl Kerschel’s amazing artwork, is how almost anything and everything in the school is part of one mystery or another.  And speaking of mysteries, what is up with Bruce Wayne always wondering about Olive and why does the headmaster look like a magician?  Another mystery that has been teased ever since the first issue deals with whatever happened to Olive that fateful summer.  Sure, the book has been a lot of fun and there is so much going on that there really is no need to linger on any one thing, but it would be great to find out just what that secret is and not have it go on for an endless amount of time like Pretty Little Liars.  Aside from that tiny little request/complaint, this book remains an excellent one.

4.5 out of 5

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