Issue by Issue – The Warlord #54


Writer – Mike Grell, Sharon Wright, Paul Levitz
Artist – Mark Texeira, Tom Yeates
Inker – Mike DeCarlo, Tom Yeates
Colours – Adrienne Roy, Jerry Serpe
Letters – Milt Snapinn, Shelly Leferman

Morgan, Tara and Shakira finally return to Castle Deimos where they still believe Jennifer to be in a coma.  When they arrive, they find it to be the exact opposite and they also find themselves confronted by the witch, Ashiya, ready for battle.  Mike Grell and artist Mark Texeira create another compelling tale about The Warlord, but one that sees him take a backseat to his daughter as Jennifer is now up and about and exceptionally well-versed in magic.  It has only been a short time, but for those that may or may not know, time moves differently in Skartaris.  So while Morgan and his companions might have been on the surface world for a day or less, it is possible a month or months went by down below.  It is a strange quality the realm possesses and one that was never really explained as well as it could, but by using this time difference, Grell is able to get away with many things.  So it is that Jennifer is now an accomplished mage and when Morgan is ready to fight Ashiya, she makes him hold off so that she might battle the sorcerous instead.  Of course, being her father’s daughter, Jennifer is triumphant and soon it is time for them all to go home to Shamballah, yet when it comes time, Jennifer opts out, instead wanting to remain and continue her studies.  Grell really delivers a lot of action and some fast characterization in what amounts to very few pages, but he does it successfully and it is a whole lot of fun, if short-lived.  What would be nice is if the backup stories would disappear for a time so that we could really get some great book-length stories, but whether they do or do not, we will just have to be satisfied with what there is.

3.5 out of 5

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