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Favourite Movies of 2014.. And Some That Aren’t

Here is my list of favourite movies for the year.  Of course, this list like all lists is merely up to personal preference, so take it, like all of them, for what you will.  Also, I can only comment on what I have seen and while there are sure to be a ton of good movies out there, I am going for enjoyability rather than the most innovative or for those that further the genre.


The Good…

Captain-America-The-Winter-Soldier2Captain America: The Winter Soldier – While many of Marvel’s films have been good, this one took everything further with more suspense, more tension, more action and a deeper and more absorbing story that will have ramifications to be felt in all the Marvel films moving forward. Not to mention there are some incredibly excellent performances from its stars that really make this film one of the best to come from the studio.



grootrocketraccoon1Guardians of the Galaxy – This was the Marvel tryout film that would see them attempt to move away from superheroics and into science-fiction, though many of the aspects that made the previous films successful would be duplicated here.  Sporting a killer soundtrack that would hit the top of the charts, as well as making this movie the highest grossing feature of the year, there was little to find wrong with the film.  It was funny, moving and the pace never let up making this an extremely engrossing movie.



Birdman-PosterBirdman – Here was a black comedy/drama that literally came out of nowhere and proved that Michael Keaton still has what it takes to keep an audience entertained.  With a tight script, fantastic direction and a really wonderful score that not only complimented the the film but was an integral piece of it, the film worked on every level.




dawn_of_the_planet_of_the_apes_a_pDawn of the Planet of the Apes – My favourite film of the year, perhaps mainly due to nostalgia, but also because the movie was incredibly well made.  Seeing the evolution of Caesar from the previous film to this one, and knowing what he will become and what he will mean to the future of the apes makes this film all the more meaningful.  Even if you did not watch any of the previous films, you could still enjoy this film for what it is – a great little piece of post-apocalyptic science-fiction that finds the human race in decline and the apes coming into prominence.



The-Equalizer-Poster-2The Equalizer – Denzel Washington has been doing action flicks for a long time, but in this one he seems to have gotten the Liam Neeson makeover.  That is not a bad thing either as this film turned out to be a lot more exciting than many of his more recent films and his character much more intriguing than those that he usually portrays.  The film, being so good and having done so well, is now rumoured to get a sequel which hopefully, will be just as great.



X-Men-Days-of-Future-Past-Magneto-posterX-Men: Days of Future Past – Much like Cap 2 or Guardians, this was a perfect superhero film, maybe even moreso than them.  Sure, things were changed around from the classic storyline and Kitty Pryde got some weird powers that she never had before, but other than that, this movie fired on all cylinders.  And even though this was an X-Men film, this was also the best Wolverine movie produced yet.  An absolutely fantastic film in every way.



Spanish_Godzilla_2014_PosterGodzilla – The return of the King of the Monsters, done up with a massive budget.  He looks great, and could have used a bit more screen time, but it was wonderful to see the big lug in something other than a rubber suit.





starry-eyes-2014-05Starry Eyes – Another film that seemingly came out of nowhere, one that not only delivered the scares, but one that provided a commentary on today’s society and our obsession with celebrity.  One of the best horror films of the year by far.





killers-movie-posterKillers – A truly disturbing, yet compelling film about a killer who likes to upload videos of his crimes so that all may watch and who one day finds another who he thinks is like himself, but ultimately realizes that this man, Bayu, is not.  Sometimes it is hard to watch, but you find you cannot turn away.




hobbit 3The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – The finale to Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, a film that might have been unnecessary if he had been more concise in his filmmaking, but one that was quite excellent all the same.  Though it is a little sad to see that these films are finally over, I say bring on the uncut version to see just how much more Jackson can fit into this film and the trilogy as a whole.



The bad…

Vampire Academy, Pompeii, 300: Rise of an Empire, Noah, Transformers: Age of Extinction and Tammy.

In one way or another, all of these were extremely disappointing and really, just terrible, stuff I wish I had not wasted my time on or money on.

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