A Murderous Waste of Time – Prom Night III: The Last Kiss (1990)

If only the title were true and this was the last kiss because after this there is still one more film to go before they finally put this franchise to rest, before the eventual reboot that is.  Prom Night III finds Mary Lou coming back from the dead once again, but this time she is looking for love and God help those who get in her way or slander her new boyfriend.

The problem with the film is that instead of just going the horror route like the last two, this time they decided to inject what they thought was comedy into the picture, and sadly it is just not funny.  Now it could be that back in 1990, this was funny and it simply has not held up well with the passage of time.  The problem is there are movies from fifty years earlier that are still as funny as ever, while this movie is not.  The humour also seems forced at times and very strained and that is all down to the script by Ron Oliver, who also directed this masterpiece as well, with a little help from Peter Simpson because two directors were needed for this film.  So because this movie is supposed to be funny, and the reality is that it simply is not, makes it extremely hard to watch.  Achingly hard.

The acting in the film was fairly terrible as well, though it can be forgiven as most of the cast were appearing in their first film.  Tim Conlon, Cynthia Preston, David Stratton, Courtney Taylor, Dylan Neal and Jeremy Ratchford would all appear, and actually go on to have careers after this, but everyone has to start somewhere.  Sadly, many of them did so here.  So while it might be… not great, it is understandable as to why.  One of the only bright spots in the film was the fact that they at least used decent makeup and special effects at times so the film did not look entirely bad.

The only reason to ever watch this film was if you had seen the entire history of cinema before this and Prom Night III was one of the last few you needed to see to complete your task.  One thing that this movie seemed to show to great effect was the outrage and disgust at having Mary Lou as a girlfriend.  Who would not actually want an all-powerful demon/ghoul as a girlfriend?  It would probably make life a lot easier.  Look at all she did for Alex in the film!

Really, just skip this.

1 out of 5

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