Sweet Mary Lou, I’m Not in Love With You – Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987)

hello may lou
Do not let the title of this film fool you.  Hello Mary Lou bears no relation to the 1980 classic starring Jamie Lee Curtis whatsoever except that it features a prom and takes place in a school.  Now because the first movie was so successful in both theaters and by rental, it only made sense that they would have green lit a sequel.  Why so many years later and why the decision to move away from the source material was strange, but as it is, the film, while fairly terrible, was not as bad as it could have been.  That came later in the next two sequels.

hello-marylou-prom-night-iiAs the title would suggest, it features a woman named Mary Lou who, back in 1957 was killed after being made prom queen.  Some would call that a pretty bad night.  So come thirty years later or so, the girl who was never a saint even when she was alive, returns to wreck vengeance at the same high school during the annual prom.  Some might call it coincidence, but it just so happens that two of her ex-boyfriends are still kicking around, with one being the principal of the school which will make things interesting to say the least.

prom night 2Out of everything in this film, the performances were not half bad.  The script and dialogue could have been a lot better, and the story which was not the worst thing, could have been a little more original.  In fact, while there was a lot of wrong in this film, but it was not a complete waste of time.  It held your interest which was good as you wanted to see how Mary Lou would get back at the people who killed her and to see just how different this film would end up being compared to the first.  The movie also made you curious to see if Vicki, our heroine, could get out of it all, hopefully alive, though it really did not matter in the end.  That being said, director Bruce Pittman managed to create a bit of suspense working from Ron Oliver’s script and by capturing the viewer’s attention and being able to hold it moves this film into the win column by just a little.

prom night 2aSo even though Wendy Lyon would take the lead in the film with Lisa Schrage playing the villain, it would be Michael Ironside who would steal the show as the principal of the school and onetime beau of Mary Lou.  It was not as if he had a ton of scenes in the film either, but when he was on screen, he just seemed more alive than the rest of the cast.  One point of contention with his character was the reason for keeping his dead girlfriend’s skull around, whatever it was.  That just seemed strange for one and two; everyone knows that you are just asking for trouble as the ghosts of the departed like to use their remains as a focal point back to get back into the world.  Everyone!

Truly though, it was not the absolute worst and out of all the sequels it is the best one.  Even if Jamie Lee Curtis had been asked to come back for this film, it probably would not have helped one iota.  Well, maybe one.

2.5 out of 5

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  1. This one is a decent time killer. Not one I feel compelled to own, but I used to watch it on USA when it played. Number 3 is interesting as they played it straight for laughs.


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