Favourite Comics of 2014.. And Some That Aren’t

Here is my list of favourite comics for the year.  The books that were my favourites last year, remain some of my favourites this year, but there is always room for more.  Of course, this list like all lists is merely up to personal preference, so take it, like all of them, for what you will.


Last years main mentions – East of West, Saga, Uber, Lazarus, Five Ghosts, Thor, Avengers, New Avengers


This year my list includes:

– The story of a young girl named Rory who moves to Japan to live with her mother and finds out that she has magical powers.  Along the way she experiences gets some friends, gains a little happiness and is visited by tragedy.  It is written perfectly by Jim Zub and is drawn beautifully by Steve Cummings.




nailbiter1Nailbiter – Buckaroo, Oregon is a small town that has given birth to sixteen of the world’s most notorious serial killers.  That fact draws in agent Elliot Carroll to investigate who then goes promptly missing.  So in comes Carroll’s friend Nicholas Finch and the local sheriff to the rescue and to perhaps, discover the mystery behind the town as well.  The book is suspenseful, scary and haunting and is one of the most consistently good reads around.  By Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson.



gothamacademyBatman Eternal, Grayson, and Gotham Academy – Three Bat-books that are completely different from one another yet are all equally as good.  They feature great artists, great writers and have some of the freshest storylines to hit the Bat-family in a long time.





Flash01Flash Gordon – Simply put, it is the character you know and love in all new stories by Jeff Parker and Evan Shaner that are fun and adventurous, packed full of humour and fantastic in every way.





wytches_cover_francavilla_low1Wytches, Outcast and The October Faction – There were a lot of horror books that debuted this year, but none as good as these three by Scott Snyder, Jock, Robert Kirkman, Paul Azaceta, Steve Niles and Damien Worm.  One is about witchcraft, one about possession and the third about a supernatural family – all different, but all incredible.




Original_Sin_Vol_1_0_TextlessArmour Hunters and Original Sin – Two completely different event books from two different companies, but both extremely captivating and exciting with both changing their respective universes.





There were a lot of great books in 2014, but of course, much like last year, too many more that were good.  Here are some other recommendations:

Birthright, Hawkeye, Daredevil, Locke and Key, everything Valiant, Robocop, Fables, Revival, American Vampire, Thief of Thieves, Inhuman, The X-Files Season 10, Iron Fist, Mighty Avengers, Aquaman, Sex, Fatale, Hinterkind, The Walking Dead, Captain Midnight, All-Star Western, Avengers Undercover, Suicide Risk, Conan, Sheltered, Ghosted, Deep State, Ghost Rider, The Woods, Manifest Destiny, Amazing Spider-Man and more.


What I did not care for:

Not too much actually.  The Humans was a little disappointing as was the new Winter Soldier and Futures End fails to live up to its potential but other than that, a pretty good year.

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