Mind Capsules – Earth 2 World’s End #10 and Lady Demon #1

Earth 2 World's End #10
Earth 2 World’s End #10

Writer – Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, Mike Johnson
Artist – Scott McDaniel, Jack Herbert, Vincente Cifuentes, Jorge Jiminez, Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferriera, Jan Duursema, Drew Geraci
Colours – Allen Passalaqua

There has been one thing missing from this book of which the cover spoils, for when you have Apokolips, how long until its master makes an appearance?  This issue answers that question in a big way and sets up the rest of the series for Darkseid’s return.  There is a lot going on in this book, with the returning Superman who is still quite weak and unable to help when the Huntress, transformed by Apokolips returns.  The Avatars are not fairing so well against the Furies, at least until the Avatar of the Blue shows up to lend a hand.  Out of all the stories going on so far in this book, this is one of the weaker ones and it will be nice to see it get wrapped up sooner rather than later.  The title keeps the pace going quite fast, and has ever since the first issue which is great as it really keeps the excitement up.  It is important too as we already know how the story ends, for those that have been reading Futures End, and if Wilson and the other writers were to slow it down; there is that possibility of losing interest.  Yes, that could happen with any book but again, this one already has an ending which makes the getting there all the more important.  With Darkseid on the loose, we are now one step closer to the destruction of the planet and it will be exciting to see the heroes of this alternate universe going up against the man and his Omega Beams.

3.5 out of 5

Lady Demon #1
Lady Demon #1

Writer – Aaron Gillespie
Artist – Mirka Andolfo
Colours – Gabriele Bagnoli-Mad5

With the latest release from Dynamite’s reboot/relaunch of the Chaos! universe comes Lady Demon which just happens to be the best book of the bunch so far.  It is a little surprising to say as such as the titles have been okay at best, never seeming to better than that if they are even trying.  Now, this might not be the best book on the racks, but it offers something a little different to all of the various horror comics on the stands today with a little case of possession more akin to the Thor/Donald Blake relationship than say Ghost Rider or The Excorcist.  It makes the book fairly interesting, especially after we see the lead character, Violet find out everything that has happened to her, courtesy of her passenger, Lady Demon.  The name Lady Demon is extremely clunky and really, quite stupid, but such as it is, the book is still entertaining and features some gorgeous, cartoon-like art from Mirka Andolfo.  Like every other Chaos! title, it features a good quota of violence and action, as well as a trip to Hell, because you cannot have a Chaos! book without some mention of the Realm Infernal.  Though it is only the first issue, out of all the books, this title seems to have the most promise of the bunch, though how long until it fizzles out will remain to be seen.  Hopefully it does not.

3.5 out of 5

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