Mind Capsules – Wolf Moon #1 and Sinestro #7

Wolf Moon #1
Wolf Moon #1

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist – Jeremy Huan
Colours – Lee Loughridge

Dillon is on the hunt for the monster that ruined his life, a werewolf as one would have it.  He knows that as long as it is alive, it will keep on killing and ruining the lives of others until it is stopped.  But when push comes to shove, some things are easier said than done.  Cullen Bunn takes his newest title over to Vertigo and as far as first issues go, it does what it has to as it draws you into the story and holds you for the duration of the book.  Some books can do it while others fail at that aspect so kudos to Bunn for creating a story that is engaging right from the start.  As vampires seem to be on the wane a little bit, tales of werewolves are starting to pick up with this title being another to take a spot in that little corner of the marketplace.  Bunn’s spin on this is familiar but well-told, documenting the fact that the werewolves in this world are simply killing machines that will not stop until there is nothing left to kill.  Our hero is a man who has been damaged by a wolf, and as our story opens he is living with a woman similar to himself and hearing of another wolf attack, he means to close that chapter on his life by literally confronting his demons.  Perhaps there is nothing too overly new in this tale and that is fine, but it is drawn with some appropriately moody pencils by Jeremy Huan and the writing by Bunn is smart and to the point and the best thing of all, makes you want to come back next month for issue two.

4 out of 5

Sinestro #7
Sinestro #7

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist – Ethan Van Sciver, Geraldo Borges
Colours – Jason Wright

This issue of Sinestro comprises the fifth part of the second act of the latest Green Lantern crossover entitled Godhead.  Aside from being well-written and drawn quite well, it poses a big problem.  If this is the only Green Lantern title you are reading at the moment, then you will be completely lost.  What is happening within the pages is obviously self-explanatory, but come the bigger picture and why everyone is doing what they are doing is not made clear as this is just one small cog in a giant crossover wheel.  Perhaps if you were reading all of the parts of Godhead, this book would be just fine, but if you are not, then this book is almost a waste of time to read because it does not further any storyline found within the first arc of the book. That is a shame too, as Cullen Bunn set the title up with a lot of promise and made it one of the best new DC titles in quite some time.  The issue is not terrible, there is just no context to place it in relation to anything else which, maybe a simple recap page would have been appropriate in this case.  The book still has a great script by Bunn, and it looks great but it could have been handled a bit better for those that only read this single title.

3 out of 5

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