Mind Capsules – Earth 2 World’s End #4 and War Stories #2

Earth 2 World's End #4
Earth 2 World’s End #4

Writer – Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, Mike Johnson
Artist – Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferriera, Jan Duursema, Jonathan Glapion, Jorge Jiminez, Tyler Kirkham, Joe Weems, Robson Rocha, Paul Neary
Colors – John Rauch

Desperate times call for desperate measures and the World Army decides to team up with Mister Miracle, Fury and Big Barda, even though they still do not fully trust them. Batman and his team are finding a bit of rest, the Court of Apokolips prepares for war, Aquawoman is ready to take the fight to the enemy, and Green Lantern faces off against Solomon Grundy with still more things happening in this one issue than most books put into two.  This is definitely a win for the creative team, even one that features the largest mish-mash of artists to be featured on any single title today.  The best moment of the book has to go to Aquawoman, who is determined to get revenge for her fallen people and while her appearance only lasts two pages, it is quite a memorable sequence.  Jimmy Olsen gets a moment to shine as he becomes connected to Mister Miracle’s Motherbox and it should make things a little interesting from here on out.  There is some good characterization going on between Batman and Huntress as their relationship evolves, as much as it can be called one, especially as they have very few moments to talk as they are always in battle.  Even though it is great to see all of the various heroes doing their thing to save the planet from certain destruction, it is nice to see the man on the street perspective from Dick and Barbara as they must defend themselves from desperate people simply looking for something to eat.  It adds a nice balance to the book as well as a little humanity to this tale of larger-than-life heroes facing down gods and demons.  Real fun stuff from everyone involved.

4 out of 5

War Stories #2
War Stories #2

Writer – Garth Ennis
Artist – Keith Burns
Colour – Digikore Studios

Leonard’s story continues on two fronts, his time wooing the British Paula and his time spent flying planes for the service.  Ennis’s amazing War Stories marches on with the second part of Castles in the Sky and it continues to be just as entertaining as the first book in the series.  Research is key to telling a good story set in any time period and knowing that Ennis is a huge World War II buff, you know that this tale is going to ring true before ever reading it.  While Leonard’s personal life is interesting, it is the insane aerial battles that take place within the book that really hook you in.  They are exciting to say the least, and though it might be hard to say that a battle like that would be hard to capture on paper, much like a car chase would be, then read this book and be proven wrong.  Keith Burns does a magnificent job on the artistic front, really capturing not only the adrenaline one must feel while being up there in the sky, but also the horror, knowing that you could die at any moment.  The after-effects of the battle are also shown in a very memorable last page that is quite haunting and stays with you even after you put the book down. This is a truly captivating book from Ennis and company, one worth your time if you enjoy stories of the war.

4.5 out of 5

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