Mind Capsules – Inhuman #7 and Purgatori #2

Inhuman #7
Inhuman #7

Writer – Charles Soule
Artist – Pepe Larraz
Colours – Richard Isanove

The hunt for Black Bolt is on, with Attilan’s top investigator and her new partner taking the case and actually succeeding.  After all this time, Black Bolt has been with his brother Maximus, though obviously, not of his own choosing.  Charles Soule usually writes an interesting tale and this one was no exception with an engaging look at the bonds of brotherhood, however twisted it might be.  Maximus has always been a captivating figure in the Marvel Universe, a man who is mad and has caused his people and his brother no amount of harm, but one that yet lives because of that brother.  Due to his leniency, Black Bolt now finds himself enthralled by Maximus, and there is nothing he can do about it but suffer and hope that somehow, he might find a way free or someone finds him.  Black Bolt and Maximus make a very intriguing pair when together, as Black Bolt may never speak and Maximus is insane and therefore, never shuts up.  The way Maximus banters with his brother in this issue is hilarious, giving him jabs about Medusa and marrying multiple women when he knows that Black Bolt cannot answer.  Soule simply adds another level of wonderful to the book by throwing this in and it really makes you chuckle, despite the situation.  The new characters we meet in this book, Nur, the Nuhuman detective who has just come to Attilan and Auran, the city’s top investigator are quite engaging and they have a nice dynamic between them.  Hopefully, we get to know more of them if they should appear later in the series.  This title has been getting better and better with every passing issue and is definitely not one to miss.

4 out of 5

Purgatori #2
Purgatori #2

Writer – Aaron Gillespie
Artist – Javier García-Miranda
Colours – Viviane Souza

Purgatori is having a bad day finding herself stuck and exiled on Earth without any of her powers and left with only her bloodlust.  Add to the fact that Jade, her nemesis, has now captured her and is looking to use Purgatori to achieve her own goals.  The only problem being, Purgatori is not all that she was and is now useless to Jade’s goals.  That kind of makes Purgatori expendable.  The Chaos! revamp of Purgatori has been decent so far, but has not risen much higher than that.  Amid the sea of titles that populate the stands today, having an attractive cover is one thing, but the interior of the book is where it counts.  While the story is all right, and contains some good horror elements, it just feels quite average and without anything to really elevate it, other than playing upon the eye-candy aspect, it really has nothing to recommend itself.  The artwork is fairly good, really accentuating the aspects of the title that it is relying upon like blood and sex, but the book needs a stronger goal and stronger writing if it is to survive.  So far it is okay, and it is probably just riding the nostalgia factor, but really, as of yet it is nothing special.

2.5 out of 5

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