Issue by Issue – Rom #24

Rom #24Writer – Bill Mantlo, Mark Gruenwald
Artist – Sal Buscema
Inker – Joe Sinnott, Al Milgrom
Colours – Ben Sean
Letters – Jim Novak

Rom is on his way home to Galador in a Skrull spaceship, fixed up for him by Reed Richards.  On his way, he is attacked by Nova and the New Champions who are currently at war with the Skrull race.  After a little tussle, all is explained and Rom heads to Xandar to ask the Living Computers where his home world might be as it, and the Golden Galaxy, seems to be missing.  Things are not going to be so easy though as they must defeat an invading Skrull force and rescue the Xandarians before Rom can receive his information.  This was a very exciting issue that would find our hero teaming up with another Marvel mainstay in the form of Richard Ryder, otherwise known as Nova.  It has the old clichéd, approach of one hero attacking the other without questioning if the other was a good guy or not, but to be fair, Rom was in a Skrull ship.  It is interesting to see how the Nova Corps has changed in the years since this issue came out, but essentially, the basics are all still there.  Bill Mantlo does his usual fantastic job of making Rom a larger than life character, one grounded in humanity and it is fitting for a character such as him and does so with a little help from Mark Gruenwald.  There is a little interlude that takes place back in Clairton as a strange mist is invading the town and doing something to the populace, but that will have to be solved another time for the next issue finally takes Rom, and the reader, to Galador.  It should be quite engaging with Mantlo and Sal Buscema at the helm.

4.5 out of 5

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