Mind Capsules – Avengers World #14 and The New 52 Futures End #24

Avengers World #14
Avengers World #14

Writer – Nick Spencer
Artist – Marco Checchetto
Colours – Andres Mossa

This is it, the one for all the marbles!  It is the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. and their allies versus A.I.M., Morgan Le Fey and a massive dragon.  The first storyline, yes, the first storyline, finally comes to a close with this issue and it has been something of a wild ride.  Nick Spencer caps off the run with some great moments, particularly the battle between the dragon and a giant Shang-Chi.  Marco Checchetto’s artwork is absolutely stunning with some really beautiful visuals.  When Hyperion lets loose, it is something that we have seen before in various books, but never quite like this.  There is both power and elegance in Checchetto’s pencils and he really seems to understand what makes a panel or a page work.  There are a few unanswered questions left though once everything is said and done, such as where did Morgan Le Fey go?  What happened to Andrew Forson and the rest of his people?  Will we get to see more adventures with the Next Avengers?  Will the next story be just as long, or maybe just a wee bit shorter?  What was really nice about Spencer’s writing on the book was how he gave the story an epic feel, making it seem larger than life, though of course the fate of the entire world did rest in the balance.  His characterizations were dead on and his bringing in some of Marvel’s more underutilized heroes was great to see.  Whatever is next for our the book remains to be seen as of yet, but it should be just as good if this creative team sticks around.

4.5 out of 5

The New 52 Futures End #24
The New 52 Futures End #24

Writer – Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen
Artist – Jesus Merino
Inker – Dan Green
Colours – Hi-Fi

Poor Cal is getting a little jealous as his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend is getting closer to Ronnie Raymond, which is something he does not want to see.  Meanwhile out in space Black Adam, Hawkman and their compatriots are trying to escape from Brainiac and having a hard time of it, though luckily The Engineer is back to her normal self once again.  On Cadmus Island, Mister Miracle and Fury are back to their normal selves, free of Brother Eye’s influence while Superman makes a return.  This issue was far more interesting than the last, with a nice balance between the drama and the action.  The Cal/Red Robin storyline seems to be going nowhere as of yet, simply adding a bit of soap opera to the book where it really does not need any, though there must be a plan for him as he has been so prominently featured.  The deep space story starring Stormwatch, Black Adam and The Atom has still been the better feature of the book, when it is in the book, but it too has been very slow moving and it would be nice to see some advancement in the story, more than what has been shown as of late.  The one problem the book still suffers from is the pacing of its many plotlines.  Sometimes it moves quickly, sometimes exceedingly slow, and it would be nice if the writers could add some kind of consistency to make this book a good read every week.  This week was good, next week – up in the air.

3.5 out of 5

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