Mind Capsules – The October Faction #1 and Rocket Raccoon #4

The October Faction #1
The October Faction #1

Writer – Steve Niles
Artist – Damien Worm

The October Faction is a book about monsters and monster hunters, former monster hunters that is.  Frederick and Lucas are just a couple of old men now, but a part of them still yearn for the thrill of the hunt.  Geoff and Vivian, the children of Frederick, have some sort of power over the spirits of the dead which is obviously sorcery, and seem to be using them, more than likely unknown to Frederick.  We also learn that Frederick’s wife is up to something and by the looks of it, cannot be any good.  Steve Niles, a master of modern horror, turns his eye towards the familiar as he has dealt with the occult many times before with his hero Cal McDonald, and towards family, albeit a very strange and somewhat fractured looking one.  It is a different kind of title for Niles who deals mainly in miniseries and with this one which is to be an ongoing, it will be interesting to see if he can keep the readers, and himself, intrigued enough for the long haul.  So far, he is doing a great job as the book raises a lot of questions about each and every character and really piques your interest with the situations they find themselves in.  The artwork by Damien Worm is spectacular, calling to mind artists like Ashley Wood and Ben Templesmith, but more detailed and little cleaner to look at on the page.  There can never be too many horror comics in the marketplace and The October Faction, with one of the best names ever, is a welcome addition.

4 out of 5

Rocket Raccoon #4
Rocket Raccoon #4

Writer – Skottie Young
Artist – Skottie Young
Colours – Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Rocket finally meets the man, actually the creature, who has been hunting him down and causing him no end of trouble.  While it might seem like another raccoon, it in fact is not and the reveal is not so much shocking as it is humourous.  Things go from bad to worse as Rocket is not only facing his nemesis, but his ex-girlfriends who show up looking for a piece of him too.  Skottie Young shows the readers once again why he is one to watch with this title as each and every issue is jam-packed with fun for all ages.  Our author brings all his plotlines to a head with this issue and surprisingly, ends the book on a somewhat sad note which works, but is a bit of a downer.  The great thing about it though is that it does give the book a bit of balance as it has been consistent comedy since its inception.  Young’s artwork is excellent as always and he is truly one of the best artists doing sight gags at the moment which makes his pencils quite entertaining to look at, even after the story is finished.  There might not be a whole lot of meat on the bones, but sometimes you just need a fun book to break up the monotony and this book covers that ground perfectly.

4 out of 5

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