Mind Capsules – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #7

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1

Writer – Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Artist – Robert Hack

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina follows Afterlife with Archie in taking a new direction for the character, one similar to what we have seen previously, namely being a magic user, but completely different to all that has come before.  The book starts off in 1951 and moves into the 1960s, which in itself is far different from Sabrina whose tales usually take place in the ‘now.’  The book starts off Sabrina’s father, Edward Theordore Spellman, waiting to claim her for the coven of which he is a member and resorts to some foul magic to accomplish the act.  The book eventually moves to its status quo after some turmoil with Hilda and Zelda looking after Sabrina as she grows up, as well as Salem, her feline familiar.  Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, much like the Afterlife title, peppers this book deeply in a setting of witchcraft and horror that is both frightening and fun.  Watching Sabrina grow up is very entertaining and quite relatable as she goes through all of the same things that any other normal child would go through, just with magic.  Zelda and Hilda are quite funny as it seems they never thought to be parents before and now here they are, raising a child who is possibly more powerful than them both.  Salem is quite hilarious, always has something to say and is a perfect outlet for comedic relief from the near serious atmosphere the book conjures.  The artwork by Robert Hack is something to marvel at as well, much like Francesco Francavilla’s was on Afterlife with Archie.  It has an old-time feel to it, with its classical look and predominantly orange colours and gives the book an extremely eerie feel to it.  Thanks to Hack and Aguirre-Sacasa, Sabrina is off to a very strong start and hopefully, a very long run.

5 out of 5

Amazing Spider-Man #7
Amazing Spider-Man #7

Writer – Dan Slott, Christos Gage
Artist – Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inker – Cam Smith
Colours – Antonio Fabela, Edgar Delgado

This particular issue had two wonderful tales in it, the first which teamed up Spidey with the new Ms. Marvel and the second an Edge of Spider-Verse tale.  The Ms. Marvel tale was incredibly fun with Kamala, who is basically Captain Marvel’s biggest fan, wanting to know how Spider-Man’s date went that he went on with her (it happened sometime ago).  It was quite hilarious to see Spidey deal with a fangirl, but when push came to shove, Ms. Marvel and our hero did their best to stop the villain, until it left the story on a cliff-hanger which left them a little out of their league.  The Edge of Spider-Verse story finds a new Spider-Man, who is called Spider-Man UK, a clunky name if there ever was one, who is also a member of the Captain Britain Corps.  Spider-Man UK notices that Morlun is killing the various Spiders across every dimension and he means to stop it, or at least figure out how to.  Both stories were done really well, setting two different tones for the book and both great in their own way.  While the first tale was pretty standard for a team-up, the second story included some revelations about Morlun that might be essential to know going into the big Spider-Man event.  There is also a little bit from Anna Maria and Silk to round out the book making it all the much better.

4 out of 5

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