Mind Capsules – Vampirella #5 and Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1

Vampirella #5
Vampirella #5

Writer – Nancy A. Collins
Artist – Patrick Berkenkotter
Inker – Dennis Crisostomo
Colours – Jorge Sutil

Vampirella is still on the road to purge herself of the Lady of Shadows.  To do that she has been killing the sons and daughters of Lilith, vampires like her but of the highest and oldest order.  So after killing a Leptirica, it is off to get the final vampire she needs which may ultimately be too much for her to handle.  There is one small problem with this book, much like the rest of the series, and it is the ease in which Vampirella has been defeating her foes.  If these are the oldest and most powerful vampires of their respective races, they should put up more of a fight.  Instead, Vampirella dispatches them like she would any other normal vampire, and while the series has been quite interesting and fairly strong, this one point is a little irksome.  The artwork by Patrick Berkenkotter is consistently good, though seems to be getting better as the series moves forward and it would be nice to see him remain on the book past the first story-arc.  Collins continues to put Vampirella through her paces with this issue, falling to the Nosferatu and being brought before their king.  One of the best things about the books have been the little history lessons on the various vampires our heroine would face, though of course they would be dispatched by her soon afterwards.  Good stuff all around, with a lot of action and drama and only one minor criticism.

4 out of 5

Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #1
Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1

Writer – Ales Kot
Artist – Marco Rudy

With this title, Bucky Barnes steps into his role as the new ‘man on the wall,’ a job he inherited from Nick Fury, a job that involves protecting the Earth from all threats foreign, domestic and even, universal.  This new Winter Soldier book is written exceptionally well and Ales Kot deserves a pat on the back for creating such a fun and compelling story.  Also nice to see as an added little bonus was Daisy Johnson, who joins Bucky on his mission as both a friend and a partner.  There was a lot of action, suspense and even a good dose of humour which really moved the story along at a good pace.  The one thing that seemed out of place in the book was the artwork.  Marco Rudy is an interesting artist who has a great sense of panel design and the way a book should flow.  Each page also looked like it could have been the cover to an old 1960’s or 1970’s science fiction novel with its strange hybrid of pencils and paints.  It is also this artwork that will turn some people off and it is a very different type of art than what is normally seen on a Marvel book.  The combination of the art and story looks like it could work in some situations, such as the weird and fantastical, but for the average tale, it does seem oddly out of place.  It is not as if this book was off to a completely false start, but a better choice of artist would have suited the book much better.

3 out of 5

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