Issue by Issue – Doc Savage #12 (2010, DC)

doc_savage_12Writer – Ivan Brandon, Brain Azzarello
Artist – Nic Klein
Inker – Nic Klein
Colours – Nic Klein
Letters – Rob Leigh

Doc Savage is dead, or at least that is what he wants everyone to think.  As the bomb is launched towards its target, it somehow changes trajectory and everyone realizes that it was all thanks to Doc Savage, now alive.  It took a long time to get here, but Ivan Brandon, Brian Azzarello and Nic Klein, finally wrap up their storyline and it could not have come fast enough as it had really overstayed its welcome by this point.  The second arc started off quite strong, but going along it got somewhat confusing and ultimately, quite boring.  After twelve issues, and six more to come, it seems as if DC wanted their title to fail after managing to deliver two stories so utterly uninteresting that it makes you want to do anything but read them.  It is hopeful that things pick up, but considering the title was canceled at issue eighteen, it is highly doubtful.

1 out of 5

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  1. DC really dropped the ball on it’s handling of Doc Savage. It’s no wonder most people don’t know the character or if they do only associate him with this series that was one of my least favorite treatments of him in comics (after DC’s PREVIOUS Doc series, which I liked even less).
    I hope DC never tries to do Doc again.


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