Mind Capsules – Hulk Annual #1 and Robocop #3

Hulk Annual #1
Hulk Annual #1

Writer – Monty Nero
Artist – Luke Ross, Le Beau L. Underwood, Patrick Goddard, Marc Laming
Colours – Jordan Boyd

The first Hulk Annual of the current series focuses not upon the jade giant, but upon one of his supporting cast for a change.  Patty Wolman takes center stage in more ways than one, as we see her life before the Hulk, a little during it and afterwards, as she tries to save herself from dying and is exposed to her own work.  That work transforms her into a being that is one with everything around her, a literal force of nature and a foe unlike any the Hulk has fought before.  Doc Green tries reasoning with it of course, but as with everything that goes up against the Hulk, there is never a good outcome.  Never having read anything by Monty Nero, he does a great job by creating a tragic portrait of a woman who has everything taken away from her, one thing after another, until finally she finds salvation, at least of a sort.  Patty Wolman is not your classic villain and that fact alone makes this book quite intriguing. The Hulk has faced good guys and bad guys, but not a woman who has only ever wanted to do good, and her transformation somewhat mirror’s his own thereby creating a sort of bond between the two.  Sure, she wants to save the world and it comes at the cost of humanity, but saving the planet is always a good thing except Doc Green does not see it that way and nor would anyone else.  It would have been nice to see a single artist draw the book instead of so many to create a little consistency, but thankfully it was not as jarring as it could have been.  Another plus to the issue is to see that even as Doc Green; he is still as fallible as everyone else, not knowing the answer to every question even at his smartest.  This was not the most exciting issue of Hulk to come out lately, but it was one of the most interesting and it will be fun to see what happens if Patty, or Vista, should come back.

4 out of 5

Robocop #3
Robocop #3

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Carlos Magno
Colours – Marissa Louise

The gun trouble in Detroit continues with John Killian at the center of it.  Standing opposite him is Robocop.  There is a problem though as Killian has not officially broken any laws, at least not since his release and not any that Robocop is aware of.  Another problem lies in the fact that there are now no records of Killian’s previous activities, so catching him that way will also be next to impossible.  Finally though, Robocop discovers the location of Killian’s previous arrest and while investigating that area for any clues, he and Lewis think they have found how Killian is smuggling guns and in doing so, run into a bit of trouble.  Williamson and Magno have been nailing down the look and feel of Robocop in this book just as if it had leapt from the screen.  It is exciting and a whole lot of fun to follow our armoured hero around, and it is easy to see this story as part of the film cannon the way it rings so true.  Killian might be just a man, but he is turning out to be quite the formidable villain for Robocop, eluding him at every turn and giving him nothing to work with.  The character building of Officer Lewis continues and Williamson is making her a much more well-rounded character under his pen.  Out of all the current film and television adaptations being published right now, this is by far, one of the best ones.  A really great book on all accounts.

4 out of 5

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