Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #38

Moon Knight is out to stop Zohar, the man who has desecrated his father’s grave and stolen the body.  Marlene is worried for Marc as he is becoming reckless, being too close to the case is causing him to make mistakes and become overly violent.  Marc will not be dissuaded though and soon he comes face to face with his prey and nothing will stop him, even when confronted with the horror of his father come back to life.  Moon Knight’s first series goes out not so much with a bang, but at least with a solid story.  Alan Zelenetz and Bo Hampton send Moon Knight off on a quest for vengeance, and in the process, perhaps gaining a bit of peace over his past life as Marc Spector so that he might go forward as Steven Grant.  Marlene gets a few moments to shine, though what the future holds for her and Steven remains to be seen, she would still most likely be better off without him as she has barely survived this long with him.  She might love him, but the multiple identity shtick is enough to drive anyone crazy.  The story was appropriately moody, especially when Marc’s resuscitated father makes an appearance and it was great to see the book return to its noirish roots with the overall darker tone of this final story.  During its run, the series had its ups and downs, much like many titles, with some great stories and some poor ones.  It would have been nice to see Doug Moench and Bill Sienkewicz return at some point to end the title they started, but such as it was, Zelenetz and Hampton did a good job.

4 out of 5

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