Mind Capsules – Uncanny Avengers #24 and Elektra #6

Uncanny Avengers #24
Uncanny Avengers #24

Writer – Rick Remender
Artist – Salvador Larocca
Colours – Dean White

Alex Summers, Havok, is not having the easiest of times after having lost his daughter and half his face from his encounter with Kang.  Rogue is doing a little better than she was and sort of coming to grips with having Wonder Man being stuck within her.  But things soon get worse as the S-Men, the Red Skull’s servants, kidnap the two of them and the Scarlet Witch and they awake to find themselves in the camps on Genosha.  Rick Remender gives us another lead in to AXIS, the next mega-event from Marvel with this issue and while it starts out seeming like it will be another book that finds our heroes at rest, it turns into something else entirely.  There are a couple of little character building moments with Havok and Rogue and it is nice to see Remender fit that in amongst the larger story and the action that takes place within the book.  Along with everything else in this book, there is one truly creepy moment that is a little disturbing, but is also a little touching as well with the emotions it conjures up.  The S-Men so far, are quite the interesting villains, all having one reason or another to work for the Red Skull.  Though he could easily control them all with his mind, it seems as if most of them are there of their own volition, meaning whatever their motivations, they are strong enough that they are able to overlook the horror of Genosha around them.  If this issue is anything to go by, it looks like AXIS is going to be one crazy event.

4 out of 5

Elektra #6
Elektra #6

Writer – W. Haden Blackman
Artist – Alex Sanchez
Colours – Esther Sanz

After defeating Bloody Lips, Elektra, Cape Crow, Matchmaker and Kento Roe are on the run from the Assassin’s Guild.  Elektra is a formidable foe, and with the rest of her companions they make an even stronger team, but no matter where they run or where they hide, the Guild always manages to track them down and as such, they must keep running.  Country to country, hideout to backwoods hideout, they keep getting found and must battle foe after foe.  They finally make it to the last of Cape Crow’s hidden safe houses at the Quiet Refuge, the place where Attilan used to rest for so many years and yet again, they are found, this time by the Serpent Society.  But they are not the only villains waiting for them, as Lady Bullseye has a score to settle.  Blackman continues his run on Elektra, just as strong now as when he first started and it is absolutely fantastic.  The way Blackman pushes our heroine to her fullest, challenging her at every turn and never giving her a rest would break most people, but Elektra keeps going.  One of the best things Blackman does in the book is that while there is almost continual action, his characterization of Elektra shows her to be really smart as well, and it is not often that we her in this light. More often than not she is simply portrayed as a killing machine and this series has done much to correct that.  Whoever had to follow Michael Del Mundo on artwork was set to have a hard time, but Alex Sanchez has provided some stunning pencils that look amazing.  If there is one man who deserves more work at a major publisher, it is indeed Alex Sanchez after reading this issue.  This is definitely one of Marvel’s best books and sad to see that it might meet its end sooner rather than later.

4.5 out of 5

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