Mind Capsules – Thor: God of Thunder #25 and Purgatori #1

Thor God of Thunder #25
Thor: God of Thunder #25

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – RM Guera, Simon Bisley, Esad Ribic
Colours – Giulia Brusco, Ive Svorcina

Frigg, Atli and Ellisiv are in the great library of Asgard as per Thor’s request to expand their minds, for not every battle is won with a sword.  There is a little protestation, but the girls soon settle in and start to enjoy reading tales of a young Thor and one of Malekith’s origin.  Finally Atli has had enough and yearns for action, and when she throws a fit, a chained volume falls from the shelf detailing the period in Thor’s life when he became unworthy to wield the hammer.  Aaron does not necessarily send this series off with a bang, but he does end it with a little mystery, which will more than likely be addressed in the next series.  The tale of young Thor was fun, but was made all the more so with the fantastic art of Simon Bisley.  The best part of the book, aside from the Girls of Thunder, was the origin of Malekith.  Not only did it show how Malekith became what he is today, but it also gave the reader a little insight into his psyche and how the lives of the Dark Elves shaped it.  Of course there was a lot of foreshadowing in this book, how could there not be?  Everything from having Malekith appear, to the skull at the bottom of the ocean to the chained up library book, all of it is to set up the new series starring the female Thor.  As it is, Aaron does a fantastic job of doing so and it will be interesting to see where things go from here, especially with the supporting cast of gods and mortals alike.

4.5 out of 5

Purgatori #1
Purgatori #1

Writer – Aaron Gillespie
Artist – Javier Garcia-Miranda
Colours – Vivane Souza

The book opens up with Purgatori strung up and being tortured in Hell.  All things considered, not the best place to be.  Lucifer and Hel are arguing about what to do with Purgatori when she escapes.  She is soon caught though and mistreated a little more until finally, Lucifer exiles her to Earth, but without her vaunted powers, leaving her helpless to do anything about it.  At least for the moment.  As far as first issues go, this book had everything in it needed to introduce you to the lead character, the villain, the supporting characters, and sets it up for the next issue.  All in all, good stuff, but that being said, the story just seemed a little generic.  It looked good and it was written well by Gillespie, but it was not overly exciting.  As far as the horror aspects are concerned, there were many and worked well to convey the fact that this is a horror comic book.  The short of it is, with all of the good stuff Dynamite is publishing these days, not to mention other publishers, it will have to get stronger to stand out from the rest.  It does have name recognition which will help it a lot, but it simply needs to be better.  The first issue of Purgatori had a solid start and should at least intrigue readers to give the second issue a shot.

3.5 out of 5

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  1. This whole female Thor thing is going to be interesting! I’ve never been big on the guy version and think the live-action Thor movies are kind of weak for the most part…but maybe a ladie’s touch will make things more interesting. The movie version of Malekith did not leave a lasting impression on me either. Or not a very good one anyways…

    P.S. Looking forward to your review of The Guest. You better watch it!

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