Issue by Issue – Rom #17

rom17Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Sal Buscema
Inker – Sal Buscema
Colours – Ben Sean
Letters – Michael Higgins

There is something disturbing upon the Earth.  The Dire Wraiths are a pretty evil bunch, but there is something worse.  Its name is Hybrid and it is the first offspring to be born from both human and Wraith.  How it came to be is surprising to say the least, and when Rom hears the tale he cannot help but be a little astounded, but what can he do but to accept it.  For a Wraith to fall in love with a woman is unheard of, to fall in love or have feelings at all other than evil tendencies is hard to believe.  But so it was and now Rom must take care of the child as it is out of control having learned of its abilities from the Wraith elders.  It will not be as easy as he thinks though, for not only is the creature powerful, but the X-Men have shown up having registered the child as a mutant on Cerebro.  Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema deliver another solid issue starring everyone’s favourite Galadorian as he tries to free the Earth of yet one more extraterrestrial abomination.  Because of its half-human parentage though, Rom is going to have his hands more than full as his Neutralizer does not work against it.  Enter the X-Men, the classic Claremont line-up of the team, as all they see before them is Rom attacking a child and destroying the house he lived in.  Of course this will end up being the battle before the revelation type of deal, and also take place next issue as the heroes have just met up.  Also included in the book is a little more drama and build-up with the citizens of Clairton, strengthening Rom’s ties to his new home.  Fun, exciting and action-packed entertainment.

4.5 out of 5

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