Mind Capsules – Guardians of the Galaxy #17 and Sinestro #4

Guardians of the Galaxy #17

Writer – Brian Micheal Bendis
Artist – Nick Bradshaw, Michael Oeming
Inker – Nick Bradshaw, Michael Oeming, Walden Wong
Colours – Justin Ponsor

Peter and Captain Marvel have escaped their captors which just so happens to be Jason’s own people the Spartax as well as his father who had him arrested in the first place.  As they leave the planet the people are also starting to revolt after they learn of their king’s true colours.  Carol and Peter then head off to rescue the other members of the team, and do so quite easily in one of the fastest rescue missions of all time in a comic book with the issue leaving them still looking for Venom.  Out of all the issues so far in the current series, this one was simply okay.  It read fairly quick for a Bendis book which was all right, but very little actually happened.  The artwork by Bradshaw and Oeming usually looks magnificent, but in Bradshaw’s case, it looked rushed and did not have the level of detail we are usually used to seeing from the man.  Add to the fact that half-way through the book the art styles switched so abruptly from Bradshaw to Oeming that it was quite jarring and they did not suit each other whatsoever.  Perhaps this was a case of wanting to have a book on the stands before the movie hits during the weekend, but whatever the case, they could have hired someone different to pencil the entire book instead of just parts of the book.  Everything about this particular issue could have been done just a little bit better and is not the level of quality that this title usually delivers.  Next issue with the possible return of Richard Ryder will hopefully pick things back up.

3 out of 5

Sinestro #4

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist – Rags Morales
Colours – Jason Wright

It is the Paling versus Sinestro for the fate of their emotions and their lives, and if Sinestro has his way, their will only be one victor.  The battle soon rages with the Paling coming out on top, for a being with no emotion is not subject to them and thus the yellow rings have no power over the Paling.  But instead of giving up, the corps continues on and Sinestro aims to find their weakness which he does.  So with Soranik’s help and that of her green ring, they finally defeat their enemies and destroy their ship.  When Sinestro question’s Soranik as to where she hid their people, he does not like the answer one iota and sets up next issue’s confrontation.  This was another win for Cullen Bunn and fill-in artist Rags Morales.  The book is suspenseful, dramatic and chock full of action as it should be.  We get to see Soranik getting closer to her father as well as seeing her learn more about him every moment she spends near him.  The issue really showcases Sinestro’s personality quite well, especially the logical side of him when he destroys the enemy’s ship knowing that there is no other real recourse but to do so.  This book has been strong on all fronts every issue thus far and it is one of the best books to come out of DC in the past year or so.  Great stuff from Cullen Bunn and some great art from Rags Morales as well.

4 out of 5

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