Mind Capsules – Ragnarok #1 and 100th Anniversary Avengers #1

Ragnarok #1

Writer – Walter Simonson
Artist – Walter Simonson
Colours – Laura Martin

Ragnarok has come and the gods have fallen.  Now eternal twilight reigns over the land and those that lived in the shadows of the gods are free to do as they choose.  Brynja, a black elf and an assassin, is off to do a job that promises great reward.  As she travels, she gathers more assassins to her cause for she aims to kill a dead god and gain immortality for her daughter, Drifa.  By the end of the issue, after surviving trouble within her own camp and the dangers of Kliffborg, the fortress at the edge of the worlds, she comes upon her goal.  This book by Walter Simonson is one of the best things to come from the man in terms of both writing and art in the last twenty years or so.  It has an epic feel to it with its depiction of the end times and the colouring by Laura Martin really helps to bring that to the forefront.  So far, Simonson does not seem to be wasting any time as our protagonist Brynja, if you can call her that, has already nearly completed her quest by the end of the first issue.  Pacing is important in a book, especially a first issue as you want the readers to come back for a second helping.  As stated, the artwork is quite amazing, especially the various creatures that are portrayed.  The level of detail is fantastic and Simonson is at the top of his game.  A big thanks to IDW for taking a chance and making this book happen.  Great work!

4 out of 5

100th Anniversary Avengers #1

Writer – James Stokoe
Artist – James Stokoe

After defeating the Badoon, Rogue, Doctor Strange and Beta Ray Bill, in other words – the Avengers, are looking for a little downtime.  Sadly that is not to be as Moleman the Third is looking to claim himself a little stake of Earth topside for his people.  So after a bit of a battle, Doctor Strange has a plan and it is a surprisingly peaceful resolution that finds Moleman compliant.  This was quite the surprising entry in the 100th Anniversary line of books, not because of the subject matter but due to independent artist/writer James Stokoe being on the book.  A bold move by Marvel, not known for taking too many chances outside of anthology books, and even though it is not one of the main titles, it is refreshing to see a completely different take on the team by someone also so completely different.  Like a couple of the previous books, one of the best parts of the issue was the recap page that not only included said recap, but also a little cartoon which was quite hilarious poking fun at old-time comic book ads.  An interesting choice for team members by Stokoe, but glad to see Beta Ray Bill in any form with the story itself being quite fun.  Not the best of the one-shots, but pretty good.

3.5 out of 5

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