Issue by Issue – Doc Savage #4 (2010, DC)

docsavage4Writer – Paul Malmont, Jason Starr
Artist – Howard Porter, Scott Hampton
Inker – Art Thibert, Scott Hampton
Colours – Hi-Fi Design, Daniel Vozzo
Letters – Rob Leigh, Sal Cipriano

Doc Savage continues on its trek of mediocrity with this issue.  It is slightly better than the last book, as the action ramps up just a bit more and is much more dynamic than previously seen.  Doc finally faces the man responsible for all of the attacks on him and his men and he gets his captured comrade back.  The problems in this book are the same as in the last book, being the lack of character info as the author, Paul Malmont, just assumes you know everyone who is present.  This includes Doc’s friends, his sister and even the villains.  The artwork by Howard Porter was a bit better as well, but still suffered periodically in the faces of the various persons in the book.  This was the final part of the Lord of Lightning arc and hopefully will turn around next issue in the storytelling department.  This particular issue also featured the fourth part of the Justice Inc. story Worst Nightmare by Jason Starr and Scott Hampton.  Donny Smith who was shot last issue, still seems to be alive for the moment and the men who shot him decide to hold him for ransom as well, making that two of Benson’s men they now hold hostage.  Meanwhile, The Avenger is done taking it easy and is now past the point of patience.  Watching The Avenger dole out the hurt is wonderful to see as his justice is swift and merciless.  Starr really understands the character and coupled with Hampton’s artwork makes the story quite exceptional.  Once again, the secondary feature outshines the main one.

3 out of 5

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    • Yep. I was so looking forward to it and now that I have finally gotten around to reading it, it almost hurts to do so. The only redeeming thing about the book is the Justice Inc. backup tales. I did notice there was another writer later on, so I hope it gets better.


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