Mind Capsules – Original Sin #6 and The Squidder #1

Original Sin #6

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Mike Deodato
Colours – Frank Martin

Dr. Midas is up to something.  He also has intends to get the Watcher’s eyes back at some point and with two issues to go, he better get a move on.  Meanwhile, on Nick Fury’s secret space station, he is still recounting his story with the proclamation that he is dying.  On Earth, Cap has had enough and says it is time to assemble and get some answers.  Nick finally tells everyone why he has gathered them there, Black Panther has also had enough even though Nick has just explained himself, the Avengers show up and battle ensues.  Mike Deodato, out of the kindness of his artistic heart, gives us another beautiful full-page parting shot.  This latest event book from Marvel just seems to be flying by, not only because of the release schedule, but also due to the great pacing Jason Aaron has been giving the books.  It is understandable why Captain America might be a little frustrated as he was not invited to the party, but Panther just had everything laid out on the table before him, except the name of the actual murderer, so he could at least simmer down until Fury is ready to tell him.  Thus, the current book while featuring a bunch of fighting amongst our heroes, because Nick Fury is a hero, was a perfect setup for Nick to explain his situation and to let him have one final mission.  That of course will not happen until the next book and it cannot come fast enough.  The artwork is absolutely gorgeous, and more importantly, consistent.  Deodato must have been given a lot of lead time to get this book done, especially as it comes out biweekly.  This is definitely one of the best books coming out of Marvel at the moment and one of the best events they have done in the last ten years.

5 out of 5

The Squidder #1

Writer – Ben Templesmith
Artist – Ben Templesmith

A bunch of fanatics, or really devout people, sacrifice a little girl to the giant alien squids and then proceed to kill themselves.  Cut to many years later when the world has gone through a war with the Squid Queen and her subjects.  A man simply known as The Squidder, a man who was trained to battle the aliens, just wants to drink and be left alone.  But as he makes his way through the world, he is presented with an opportunity by a gang leader, to rescue a temple mistress that he bought and is now being held by a rival gang.  After being initially outraged and then thinking on it, The Squidder agrees.  Ben Templesmith is a fantastic artist with a completely unique art-style that just draws you in.  His story of a man, not unlike Conan too much, named The Squidder is an interesting one.  You do not get too much history about the man, but of what you do, you can tell he has had a hard life and at this point in time, fighting is all he has left and what he knows how to do best.  The premise of a world overtaken by giant squid aliens is a cool one, and the fact that the Earth has seemingly lost is even more intriguing.  Do not let the title fool you or prevent you from picking up this book.  It is a good little post-war, post-apocalyptic tale that looks to be like it will be a lot of fun.

4 out of 5

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