Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #25

Carson Knowles is not doing too well.  He is a Vietnam vet who cannot find work, his wife has left him, his son has been killed and everyone he knows has turned their back on him.  To top it all off, after he does manage to find a job, his car is totaled and now he truly has nothing.  Unwilling to just accept what life has in store for him, he is going to take what he wants, when he wants.  So he decides to become like the hero Moon Knight, but the exact opposite.  Instead of saving the city, he will tear it down and he will do so by also becoming the new mayor.  Thus begins Carson Knowles reign of terror as the Black Spectre.  When Moon Knight finally meets up with the villain, he gets beaten down, the first in a line of defeats he will soon face.  To top it all off, Marlene decides to leave MK, finally tired of his comings and goings at all hours and especially at the whole multiple identity shtick.  Issue twenty-five was a double-sized book which was great as it needed a lot more pages to tell this giant of a tale.  The Black Spectre is a fantastic villain for Moon Knight to go up against, his opposite in most ways.  Carson Knowles is a man that almost everyone can get behind with his hard-luck story.  Sure, most people also do not go out and turn into a criminal because of it, but you do not hate him for doing so.  Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz drum up a lot of sympathy for the man and they do it successfully.  It was great to see Marlene finally ditch Steven.  It had been a long time in the coming and even though she has second thoughts later on in the book, hopefully she either fixes him up or leaves him for good.  Lately the book has been getting better and better and it will be interesting to see if the trend continues on.

5 out of 5

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