Mind Capsules – Original Sin #5 and Nailbiter #3

Original Sin #5

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Mike Deodato
Colours – Frank Martin

In this single issue, Jason Aaron has single-handedly rewritten Nick Fury’s entire past. While he has not necessarily changed what has come before, he has added another whole level to it.  In 1958 when he was working for army intelligence, he encountered some aliens, a strange hero and Howard Stark and ever since that day, it seems that Nick has been saving the Earth from monstrous, dimensional and extraterrestrial threats among others.  From then on he has been the first line of defense for the Earth and has done so silently and alone.  But now Nick is aging as the serum in his blood seems to no longer be working and that is why our collective heroes have been summoned to his off-the-grid satellite.  This was a pretty fascinating issue by Aaron and company because it not only puts a whole new spin on everyone’s favourite super-spy, but it could possibly open up a whole lot of questions about past events in the Marvel Universe.  If Fury was able to stop as many things as was hinted at in this issue, why was he unable to stop other things?  Sure, Galactus might have been a bit out of his league, but what about the Skrull invasion that replaced many of the heroes over a long period of time.  Did he know about it or was he simply unaware?  With all of the other aliens and monsters and such showing up as well over the years, did it get to a point where he just decided that the Fantastic Four or the Avengers could handle it and he let some stuff pass through?  At this moment, the implications of what this revelation could mean will be left for later in the series or perhaps even outside of it, but the book was another very strong issue in Marvel’s latest big event.

4.5 out of 5

Nailbiter #3

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Mike Henderson
Colours – Adam Gusowski

Eliot Carroll is still missing and his friend Nicholas Finch and Sheriff Crane are still trying to find him when the body of local teenager Hank that has been strung up outside the Murder Store derails them for a bit.  It looks like someone has escalated from burning down buildings to killing, if it is even the same person, and most people have decided that it is the Nailbiter, Edward Warren.  So what other course of action do people have but to give the Nailbiter an old fashioned lynching?  Of course Finch and Crane put a stop to it, Crane being an official of the law and all, and they take Warren into custody for his protection.  While at the station, the local mortician has some news about the bodies, with the proclamation that the body from the fire is not Carroll’s but The Book Burner’s, another one of the infamous serial killers.  The book ends with that new piece of info taking them to a most unexpected spot.  Williamson nails another book down with the latest issue of Nailbiter.  He just seems to get better and better with every passing property that he works on and he is becoming one of those writers that you have to follow from publisher to publisher no matter what book he works on.  His writing is strong, deft and to the point.  It really makes for a great read and there is never any filler or wasted words within the book.  Mike Henderson’s art is getting better and better as well.  The sequence in the morgue was a great bit of artistry that really showcased the writing, the pacing and Henderson’s ability to interpret it as well.  This book is a great example of a procedural done right and is one that is primed for bigger and better things.  Excellent work!

4.5 out of 5

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