Mind Capsules – Hack/Slash: Son of Samhain #1 and Thor: God of Thunder #24

Hack/Slash: Son of Samhain #1

Writer – Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley
Artist – Emilio Laiso
Colours – K. Michael Russell

Cassie Hack is retired and living the good life as a bounty hunter.  Good life might be too strong a phrase as she is absolutely bored by it.  When the offer comes up to go and hunt monsters again, it is impossible for her to say no.  At least she is good at it and finds satisfaction in it, unlike looking for bail-jumpers and the like.  So she and Delroy infiltrate a hive of monsters looking to liberate a boy that was taken by them.  After freeing the boy, who took off to who knows where, Cassie and Delroy manage to extricate themselves from the situation after a fierce battle, not knowing that their troubles are just beginning.  It is good to see a new Hack/Slash book back on the stands and this one featured a solid story from Moreci and Seeley packed full of monsters old and new as well as the return of everyone’s favourite slayer outside of Buffy, Cassie Hack.  There were some good little bits of characterization with Cassie reflecting on her life as well as being plagued by ghosts of her past and herself.  The artwork by Emilio Laiso was solid and clean and made the book flow quite nicely from page to page.  A lot of books feel like a heavy read these days and it is good to see that this one is a nice light read that is both fun and exciting.

4 out of 5

Thor: God of Thunder #24

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Agustin Alessio, Esad Ribic
Colours – Ive svorcina

Thor is a sad god.  It is time for him and his family and people to pack up and leave the Earth.  Asgardia must return to the heavens as the battle that took place between Thor, Dario Agger and the trolls has leveled Broxton to nothing but a shell of what it once was.  Thus, the All-Mother decrees it must be so, but Thor and the gods decide that first they will help clean the place up a bit, for all the good that does.  Knowing that it is not enough, Thor tears his tower off of Asgardia and gifts it to the people where there is surely enough room for them all to live.  Maybe it is enough and maybe not, but it is something.  Another great book by Jason Aaron this week and a nice ending to the Last Days of Midgard story arc as well as it finally finding a way to have the gods return to the Nine Realms.  It also featured some nice little bits with Roz who met Thor`s mom and Jane Foster as well who looks to have a future in the title, though whether the outlook is good for her or not remains to be seen.  The artwork was very solid with Thor sporting Hemsworth’s likeness throughout for most of the book.  If Ribic were to ever leave the book then Agustin Alessio is the man to replace him.  Though this was a satisfying conclusion to the story or Asgardia’s time on Earth, it will be nice to see some stories taking place elsewhere as well as the possible war with the Frost Giants that was alluded to.  Thor has been a consistently great title from Marvel and looks like it will continue to do so under Aaron’s pen.

4 out of 5

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