Mind Capsules – Mighty Avengers #10 and ElfQuest: The Final Quest #3

Mighty Avengers #10

Writer – Al Ewing
Artist – Greg Land
Inker – Jay Leisten
Colours – Frank D’Armata

The book opens up with Blade facing off against wereroosters.  Yes, wereroosters.  And they are awesome.  Mighty Avengers never fails to delight with such fantastic creations such as these, not to mention the witty dialogue and the fantastic action sequences that inhabit every issue.  Blade does his best but gets captured by the wereroosters and taken to their masters who are revealed on the closing page.  Meanwhile, Adam Brashear, the Blue Marvel, finally hears about Uatu’s death and heads to the moon to pay his respects, vowing to get vengeance but instead, at Ulana’s insistence, takes the place of the father and starts to help Uatu’s child through the growth process.  The rest of the team, or most of it, also face off against one of the Mindless Ones who also happen to not be so mindless with Spectrum killing it in the end.  Al Ewing has been knocking it out of the park on this book and it is consistently one of the best books Marvel has been putting out with the Avengers name on it.  Every member is fantastic in their own right and it is great to see them all come together in one book.  Greg Land does a good job pencilling and only adds to the fun and enjoyment that this book provides.  Even the send-offs every issue provide a snicker and make the book that much better.  Great stuff!

5 out of 5

ElfQuest: The Final Quest #3

Writer – Wendy Pini, Richard Pini
Artist – Wendy Pini
Colours – Sonny Strait

Angrif Djun is still holding Ember hostage and is threatening her with torture of which she does not fully understand until he starts to prove it to her.  It is bad enough to be held against her will, but with her recognition going unfulfilled it is more torturous than anything the Djun could come up with.  Most of the elves are resting up in the holt and Teir is helping the human children escape from the Djun’s men who are following them.  For both Ember and Teir, it is a race against time, a race to escape the humans that wish to enslave them.  The Pini’s do a great job as they always do on our favourite elves and it is great to see them back in print after so many years away.  The book looks just as gorgeous as it always has with an epic feel to the stories about home and family and trying to make it in a world that has started to become more crowded year after year.  Even though the book is entitled The Final Quest, it is hopeful that it continues for some time to come as it deserves to be on shelves and enjoyed by new fans and old.  A great story with lots of intrigue and lots of heart.

4.5 out of 5

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