Mind Capsules – Doctor Spektor#1 and Aquaman #31

Doctor Spektor#1

Writer – Mark Waid
Artist – Neil Edwards
Colours – Jordan Boyd

Doctor Spektor is a man who has a lot of cash and uses it to hunt monsters and such for his reality series.  He looks to have quite the ego and likes to flaunt his wealth, but he is good to his crew and deep down, is a genuinely nice person.  But after defeating a vampire and going on to a record number of viewers, the doctor is at home in bed as he seems to suffer from some sort of a confidence problem and thus needs tending to night and day, just in case he does something to himself, whether intentionally or by accident.  He has also been seeing the image of a woman for quite some time, and when he is doing his latest show, that woman’s ghost for lack of a better word, is made real while other ghosts kill his friend and partner.  Doctor Spektor really seemed like an odd choice for Dynamite to pick up after Turok, Magnus and Solar, but with such an original take on the hero with a premise that most of today’s reality TV junkies can get behind, the book may just do all right.  Waid does an excellent job introducing our cast of characters and makes our protagonist somewhat relatable by being flawed.  There are no real villains which is interesting yet a good choice as it lets the book stand out from the normal superhero fare.  Neil Edwards provides some moody and evocative artwork that works really well in conjunction with the story and the only complaint one can make about the book is having to wait for issue two.  A great start to a classic property.

4.5 out of 5

Aquaman #31

Writer – Jeff Parker
Artist – Paul Pelettier, Alvaro Martinez
Inker – Sean Parsons, Raul Fernandez
Colours – Rain Beredo

Arthur is in search of Swamp Thing with the help of Ya’wara, so that he might ask the muck monster just what he is doing with his little algae stunt in the oceans.  Queue up the usual slug-fest between the two heroes and the eventual makeup that happens after things were misunderstood.  Meanwhile Mera is off in Atlantis trying to find the rebels who just cannot seem to behave and finds herself, potentially, in a lot of trouble.  Parker has really been finding his voice on this book after following up on Geoff John’s fantastic run, and it is a good thing to see.  It started out a little rough, but it was worth hanging in as the stories have been getting better and better.  Lots of action this issue and having a guest star, especially one out of left field like Swamp Thing, is a nice way to freshen things up once in a while as long as it does not get out of hand.  It is also great to see Mera get the spotlight once in a while as she is just as interesting as our hero is.  It is a little disappointing to see that the story will continue in Swamp Thing’s title instead of this one, so if you only purchase one book, you will either get the first or second half of the tale.  Even with John’s off the book, Aquaman still remains one of DC’s best titles.

4 out of 5

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