Mind Caspules – Original Sin #0 and Uncanny Avengers #19

Original Sin #0

Writer – Mark Waid
Artist – Jim Cheung and Paco Medina
Inkers – Mark Morales, Guillermo Ortego, Dave Meikos, Jaun Vlasco, Jim Cheung
Colours – Justin Ponsor

The book starts out with a little recap on the origin of Sam Alexander, the current Nova on Earth and his friendship, if it can be called that, with the Watcher.  So after Sam defeats an Aztec god, or robot in actuality, he decides to head up to the moon to have a chat with Uatu and ask him a question.  Mark Waid spins a deft and touching tale of Uatu, his people and his father.  The Watchers were not always so it seems, and once upon a time took it upon themselves to help and improve other races, to bring the rabble out of the muck and the mire so to speak, and give them enlightenment.  Everything of course does not go according to plan, otherwise there would be no point to this book, and as penance Uatu and his people will now simply watch for all of time and vow to never interfere in the lives of other races.  Perhaps a little extreme, but when an entire people die, it must be hard to not look at it as your fault.  Waid has a good grasp on Sam as a character, portraying him as someone who is still fairly new to the game of being a hero without any of the jadedness that comes with time and experience.  Uatu is the star of the show though, even if he does not say a word.  Thanks to Jim Cheung and Paco Medina, they give voice to Uatu and everything he needs to say by just the expression on his face.  A strong start to Marvel’s next big mega-event from Waid and company with the rest of the books hopefully following suit.

5 out of 5

Uncanny Avengers #19

Writer – Rick Remender
Artist – Daniel Acuna

The second chapter of Avenge the Earth sees Eimin scheming with the X-council to take out Havok and unknowing to the X-council, they themselves are to be killed afterwards.  Havok meanwhile is holding council with Kang and the Chronos Corps to save the Earth and thereby preventing Planet X from ever happening.  Uncanny Avengers is another Avengers book that is unlike any other in its family, weaving a long form tale from Remender that twists and turns with surprise after surprise.  Havok, while being a strange choice to lead the team at first, though a logical one, has turned out and continues to be one of the most interesting people in the book.  Of all the characters to center the book around, he would probably not be the first choice for many, even though he has anchored many books before.  There are some other fun characters as well such as Eimin, who essentially is the cause of everything that has happened, and the entirety of Kang’s Chronos Corps which is probably the greatest team ever assembled.  Whatever caused Remender to have that stroke of brilliance to bring Stryfe, Ahab, Earth-X Venom, Doom 2099, Abomination, Iron Man 2020 and an alternate Betsy Braddock together should happen more often.  Utterly fantastic stuff and Daniel Acuna to boot!

4.5 out of 5

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