Toy-Box – This Am Not Great Action Figure From DC Collectibles

This be end of review. Me wish DC not keeps making such bad toys. These toys be so bad, makes me sad. Review starting.

Everyone still with me? OK, good.  If not, damn.  Today we’re going to look at the latest offering from DC Collectibles, BIZARRO! To start, I am biased. I. LOVE. BIZARRO. There I said it. I think he’s a great character and not in an ironic sense. He’s not really a “bad guy”, he actually has a mental disability that causes him to act in odd, strange and bizarre ways (*wink*).  He is often depicted as childlike and seeking acceptance, which often leads to him being manipulated by other far more evil characters. Bizarro is really a tragic figure when you think about. However, what isn’t tragic is THIS figure. Boy, I’m on a roll here! Let’s hop on over to Bizarro World and take a look.
Bizarro come packed in the standard DC box that has held all the single pack figures since the Nu52 launch. Nice box, cool character shadow art on the side (no pix, whoops) and the Crime Syndicate line-up and bio on the back. I’m not an “on card/in box” collector, I rip this guys out of there cardboard prisons as quickly as possible (hence no side box pix) but these boxes are so nicely designed I can see the appeal of displaying them that way. As a side note, the box lists this figure as being sculpted Gentle Giant studios… GENTLE GIANT STUDIOS. I haven’t noticed this on any of my other DC figures but, boy, does it show that Gentle Giant did this figure.
Bizarro is sculpted as he appears, or close to as he appears, in the Nu52. This version of Bizarro who would fully debut during the Forever Evil crossover is a creature created by Lex Luthor as a means to destroy Superman. However, he needed a little longer “in the oven” and didn’t come out exactly right. The design in the books actually changes from issue to issue. Sometime he’s got long sleeves sometimes short sleeves. He could be wearing armoured pants, or an armoured top or a Superman t-shirt. THAT is how bizarre he is. This figure might be based on early designs and I’m thankful we got the appearance we did. His lower body is similar to the Superman figure, but with a few more “Nu52 armour lines”, added articulation, and a slick metallic paint job. The upper half is where the figure diverges from the comic look. In Forever Evil Bizarro is wearing an inside out Superman t-shirt, giving him the backwards “S” logo with the stitching visible. This figure features a sculpted, raised backwards “S” crest that is rather prominent. I personally really like this design as it adds a great level of detail to what could have been just a painted on logo. I would like to see this style of crest added to new Superman figures that will surely be made.
The rough, crackled skin sculpt also adds a great level of detail to this figure. It walks the line between a craggily, rock-like appearance and that of tree bark. The real standout is the head sculpt. Gentle Giant knocked this one out of the park. They are known for high end collectibles (statues and maquettes) and that attention to detail and craftsmanship are on display here. Bizarro features a face sculpt that captures the character wonderfully. He’s not yelling, or plotting, or even angry, he almost has a puzzled child-like look on his face. This expression really shows the confusion the character is struggling with and sets it apart from the other maniacal villains he’ll share a self with.
As with most (if not all) DC Collectibles figures, the paint is wonderful. The metallic paint on the lower half, belt, and cape really make the figure pop (another feature I hope to see in future Superman figures) and the clean paint lines featured on the insignia are perfect. There’s no bleeding or sloppy applications on what would normally be a problem area. The paint wash applied to the skin areas also add a nice layer of depth. Normally Bizarro figures feature a white skin tone with very little detailing but this new offering has a far superior paint scheme that is very welcome. Overall the paint is spectacular on this figure, one of the best from DC to date. The only issue may be in relation to the new ab articulation joint and how the figures are painted.
DC Collectibles has been making the effort of late to increase the articulation of their figures while maintaining sculpt integrity and Bizarro is another example of that improvement. The stand out articulation points include: rocker ankles, double knee joints, upper thigh cut, ball jointed hips, wrist, bicep, and a great ball joint head.  All these joints while having appeared on other DC figures, work really well in allowing for some great poses. The standout is the new ab rocker joint. This is my first DC figure to feature this joint and I was curious to see how it was implemented. The answer is, very well, with one issue.

The joint lets Bizarro be posed in a very cool hunchback like pose that adds a whole new level of awesome to the figure but getting the joint to work was difficult. The joint is VERY stiff, as were the elbow joints. You can see below the aftermath of trying to get the elbow joint on his left arm to move:
The ab joint was another story altogether. The paint had gotten into the joint and basically ceased it up. This may be to DC recently adding the joint to their figures and needing to adjust how the paint is applied or it could have been just on a few early run figures. We’ll need to see if this continues as DC release more figures with this joint. I tried to crack the paint in the joint but the cape made it nearly impossible to get a good grip. In the end the cape had to come off, thankfully it was an easy process. I then had to basically crack the figure nearly in half to break the paint up and then glue the cape back on (I did a bang up job too if I do say so myself). This is something that needs to be looked at as this point of articulation becomes more prevalent on DC Collectible figures. An issue like this could lead to more than few unhappy collectors who may break their figures trying to loosen a joint.

To wrap this one up, I am very happy with DC Collectibles new Bizarro figure. A great design, outstanding sculpt, and increased articulation make this a must add to your Nu52 collection. Just be aware of the potential bodily harm you may suffer while setting this one up and you’ll be fine.

Take care all and don’t forget to Fenris on the way out.


A long time comic and toy collector, Wagnarok’s wisdom is too great to be contained. Thus, this review.

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